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X10 Push Button Dimmable Wall Switch Module


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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –


Push for X10 Dimmable Lighting Control

Add X10 control to dimmable lighting with the X10 Push Button Dimmable Wall Switch Module. This X10 dimmer switch replaces an existing dimmer switch to provide both local and X10 control of a connected light fixture or small appliance. This module controls dimmable LED, halogen, and incandescent lights rated up to 500W. The switch comes with a built-in LED to indicate on/off status and help you find the switch at night.

  • Dimmer Switch module adds remote X10 control to connected load
  • Responds to X10 On/Off/Dim/Brighten commands
  • Supports LED, halogen, and incandescent bulbs up to 500W and 120VAC/5A appliances
  • Built-in LED indicates On/Off Status and guide you through the dark
  • Neutral wire required only for inductive dimming
  • Compatible with X10 Companion Wall Switch (CS277) for 3 and 4-way installations


  • X10 Push Button Dimmable Wall Switch Module
  • Installation Hardware

NOTE: Wallplate not included. Lights under 6W may flicker or operate erratically with this switch.

The X10 Appliance Wall Switch With Silent Relay Is An X10 Wired-In Receiver

A basic X10 system includes a Transmitter and a Receiver – both sold separately. Transmitters are control devices that send X10 signals through your home's electrical wiring to X10 Receivers. When a Receiver receives a command, it responds by turning a light, appliance or other electrical device On or Off, and sometimes Dim or Bright.

X10 Makes It So Easy To Automate Your Home!

X10 began manufacturing home automation and security products in the late 70s, establishing X10 as a smart home standard. X10 utilizes powerline technology to transmit control signals anywhere in your house over your existing electrical lines, so you can control lights and appliances throughout your home without running new wires! Have complete, automated control over lights and appliances from anywhere in your home with X10.


  • Manufacturer Part #: WS18A
  • UPC: 806810873854
  • X10 Power Rating: 120 VAC, 500W, 5A
  • Color: White