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Autoslide Automatic Sliding Door Systems Now Available

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Home Controls
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July 8, 2021 at 2:10:00 PM PDT July 8, 2021 at 2:10:00 PM PDTth, July 8, 2021 at 2:10:00 PM PDT

Home Controls now offers home automation and access control devices from Autoslide, the makers of their patented automated sliding door system. 

Autoslide automated motorized sliding door systems add hands free or remote operation to your sliding doors for yourself, your guests, and even your pets. The system uses a simple rack and pinion linear actuator to push and pull your sliding door. The Autoslide system can be activated by remote pushbuttons or remotes, wireless sensors, or RFID ID tags that attach to a keychain or your pets' collar. Plus the Autoslide system can be seamlessly installed onto your sliding doors AND sliding windows, so you don't have to worry about cumbersome devices sticking out over your door or window.

Autoslide systems come in four different models: the Standard Autoslide, Autoslide Elite, Autoslide iLock, and Autoslide Multidrive.

  • The Standard Autoslide is designed for single panel sliding doors, most common in residential homes.
  • The Autoslide Elite features a stronger motor to push and pull heavier doors, such as hurricane impact doors.
  • The Autoslide iLock includes a secure locking function that locks the motor in order to prevent the sliding door from being manually opened.
  • Finally Autoslide Multidrive is designed for multi-panel sliding doors such as bi-parting, telescoping, and pocket sliding doors.

The Autoslide system has four operating modes that are designated by colored LED lights:

  • Automatic Mode (green LED) – The door will open when a push button or sensor is triggered and close after a preset time has elapsed.
  • Hold Open/Toggle Mode (blue LED) – The door will open and remain open until another mode is selected or Open and Close when triggered by a wireless push button or remote control. 
  • Standby Mode (red LED) – The Autoslide will not drive the door, allowing for manual operation.
  • Pet Mode (orange LED) – For use with Autoslide pet sensors and when a pet opening width has been set. The door will open a preset width when any Autoslide pet sensor (RFID Collar tags, weighted mat sensor, or motion sensor) is triggered and close after the preset time has elapsed.

Each Autoslide kit comes with two wireless pushbuttons that enable remote activation of the Autoslide motor up to 50 feet away. In addition to these pushbuttons, Autoslide can be controlled by a variety of remotes, sensors, and transmitters in order to provide you multiple ways to access your sliding doors:

Motion sensors, such as the Microwave Sensor, IR Sensor or Hand Wave Sensor, detect nearby movement and trigger the Autoslide to open for you or your pets. Pairing these devices to your Autoslide grant you handsfree operation of your sliding doors.

The Wall Mounted Push Buttons and the Four Button Remote Controls activate your Autoslide with a push of a button up to 50 feet away. The Push Buttons can be installed onto any flat surface, while the Remote Controls can fit onto a keychain. The Remote Controls also allow you to switch the Autoslide's selected mode, so you don't have to manually change it at the Autoslide unit.

The Wireless Numeric Key Pad and iOpen Smart Tag Set give you control over who can enter through your sliding door. Unlock or simply open your Autoslide by inputting a numeric keycode into the Key Pad, or by holding up an iOpen Smart Tag to a paired RFID transmitter. Share keycodes with your family or guests, or pass out iOpen Smart Tags that fit onto a keychain.

The K9 Smart Tag Set and Pet Mat give control of your sliding doors to your pets, so you don't always have to let them in or out of your house. The Pet Mat is a weight sensor that triggers the Autoslide when stepped on by even the smallest pets. The K9 Smart Tags fit onto your dog's, or cat's, collar and open your sliding door when they are detected by their paired RFID transmitter.

With all of these options for various sliding doors and methods of controlling them, Autoslide is able to fit into any modern smart home. Check out our Autoslide inventory, as well as the rest of our smart automation and home security devices.