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Autoslide K9 Smart Tag Set


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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –


Allow Your Pets to Open the Back Door For Themselves

Give your pets their own set of keys to your automated sliding door with the Autoslide K9 Smart Tag Set. This kit of RFID tags and transmitters give your pets wireless keys to your Autoslide door system so they can go inside and outside without waiting on you to open the door for them. The RFID K9 Smart Tag fits onto your pet's collar, allowing them to walk right up to the door and let themselves in or out. When your pet comes close to the Autoslide RFID transmitter while wearing their Smart Tag, the transmitter triggers your Autoslide door to open. This kit also doubles as a smart security system, preventing wild animals or intruders from entering your home by triggering a standard motion sensor.

  • RFID tag pairs with RFID transmitter to allows pets to open Autoslide sliding doors
  • K9 Smart Tag fits on a pet collar or keychain
  • Up to 4 Smart Tags can be paired with a single RFID transmitter
  • Prevents wild animals or your neighbors' pets from triggering Autoslide motion sensors
  • When Autoslide is set to Pet Mode, K9 Smart Tags and other sensors paired to Pet Mode are the only ways to engage the Autoslide door on the "Outside" Frequency
  • Adjustable activation range between 3, 6, and 10 feet

Installation Details

When programming the RFID Sensor Box or K9 tags, a small object (such as a screwdriver or pin) is needed to hold down the small inset button.

To add or remove a tag, go through the programming process and click ALL the tags you wish to program during the programming process. Note that the system can still only reliably handle up to four tags.

To program the distance, press and hold down the tag's button. To program the tag to 3, release after one flash from the tag; for 6, release after two flashes from the tag; for 10, release after three flashes from the tag.


  • RFID Transmitter
  • (2) K9 Smart Pet Tags
  • Power supply connection cable

NOTE: iOpen Smart Tags and K9 Smart Tags pair with the same RFID transmitter and share the 4 unit limit per transmitter.

Automatic Sliding Doors For Your Home

Autoslide is recognized as an affordable, convenient, and practical solution for everyday's little inconveniences. It is a long awaited necessity for elderly and physically challenged, and a welcome convenience for pet owners who want less hassle when their pets want to come in and go out.


  • Manufacturer Part #:
    • Black: AS0109RFIDBP
    • White: AS0109RFIDWP
  • UPC:
    • Black: 736373140370
    • White: 736373140387
  • Warranty: 2-Year Limited