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Ecolink Z-Wave Plus Smart Thermostat, Gen5


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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –


Upgrade Your HVAC with a Smart Z-Wave Thermostat

Turn your thermostat into a smart remote controlled thermostat with the Ecolink Z-Wave Plus Smart Thermostat, Gen5. This Z-Wave Plus thermostat adds remote Z-Wave control and energy saving features to most 12VAC and 24VAC HVAC and heat pump systems. The thermostat is compatible with almost any Z-Wave hub, as well as select Z-Wave compatible control panels with integrated HVAC controls. Easily interface with the thermostat from the touch panel control, a compatible third party control panel, or through the associated app of a compatible Z-Wave hub.

  • Z-Wave thermostat controls standard gas/electric HVAC Systems and Heat Pump HVAC Systems
  • Backlit 128 segment B/W LCD with 7-character Message Bar
  • Fan control for gas or electric heat systems
  • Heat Pump Changeover valve (reversing) for heating and cooling (O or B output)
  • Emergency Heat mode is selectable from the thermostat for Heat Pumps
  • Adjustable compressor short cycle protection delay of 5 minutes
  • Option between hardwired or battery power supply
  • Compatible Panels:
    • 2GIG EDGE/GC3e/GC2e/GC3/GC2
    • Honeywell Lynx Touch 5200/7000/Vista20p +
    • Honeywell VAM/Vista 128BPT + Tuxedo Touch
    • Interlogix Simon XT/XTi5
    • Qolsys IQ/IQ2
    • Samsung SmartThings Hub

Z-Wave Plus Certification

Z-Wave Plus is an upgraded certification program to help you identify products that take advantage of the "Next Gen" Z-Wave hardware platform, also known as 500 Series or Gen5 Z-Wave. Z-Wave Plus certified solutions feature a selected set of extended features and capabilities that enhance your experience with faster and easier installation and setup. Z-Wave Plus advancements also provide longer battery life, faster operation, better wireless range and improved noise immunity.


  • C wire is not required for battery operation.
  • 24V operation requires both 24VAC (R) and 24VAC common (C) wires from the HVAC System
  • For single transformer systems, connect R wire to either RC or RH terminal. They are connected together by the factory installed jumper.
  • For systems with separate heating & cooling transformers, connect Heating R to RH and Cooling R to RC. BE SURE TO REMOVE THE FACTORY INSTALLED RC/RH JUMPER.

Ecolink – Intelligent Security and Home Automation

Every Ecolink product originates as an insight – an idea generated by something that people want or something they want to do better. At Ecolink, it's not about the things they make, it's about the things they make possible. Ecolink was born from a pedigree of great distinction within the electronics industry. With countless years of design/development experience and numerous innovative and game-changing products, the Ecolink team designs and manufactures products to the highest standards of performance and quality.


  • Manufacturer Part #:
    • White: TBZ500W
    • Black: TBZ500B
  • UPC:
    • TBZ500W (White): 8511660053296
    • TBZ500B (Black): 8511660053296
  • Flexible Power:
    • Battery: 24-month battery life with four (4) AA Alkaline batteries
    • Low Battery Indication
  • Powered: Hardwired 24VAC
  • Sensors:
    • Temperature/Humidity
    • Z-Wave® remote temperature sensor
  • Fan Control: Fan can be configured on and auto (controlled by HVAC)
  • Wiring Requirements: Uses standard thermostat connections: (C, RC, RH, W1,W2/O, Y1, Y2, G) – 18 AWG
  • Compliance:
    • USA: FCC Compliant to CFR47, Part 15B
    • Canada: Industry Canada RSS 210, Issue 8