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Autoslide AutoSwing Automatic Door Operator


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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –


Add Automatic Doors to Your Home

Add automatic door operation to your home with the Autoslide AutoSwing Automatic Door Operator! Similar to the Autoslide Sliding Door System, this motorized door opening system opens and closes a selected swing door when activated by a controller, sensor, or wireless accessory. The AutoSwing adds automatic accessibility to your home in push arm and slide arm configurations for outward and inward opening doors while preserving the option for manual operation. Built-in fire alarm, voice control, and smart lock integration provides critical emergency and access control features that ensure safe egress and secure entrance into your home. Existing Autoslide controllers and sensors can access the AutoSwing via RF transmissions and you can remotely check in on or control your AutoSwing using the Autoslide app, granting you a secure but accessible home.

  • Automated motorized swing door system opens/closes hinged and pivot doors up to 265 lbs (120kg)
  • Auto-reverse upon touching an object or person during operation
  • Pairs with Autoslide controllers and accessories such as sensors, remote control buttons, wireless keypads, & RFID proximity tags & readers
  • Access control compatibility with magnetic locks, electric door strikes, and motorized deadbolts
  • End Cap LEDs indicate current mode via color: Auto, Lock, Hold Open, and Pet
  • Bluetooth connectivity and remote monitoring via Autoslide app and Autoplus Gateway
  • Lithium backup battery provides power for up to 5 days; recharges while not in use
  • Voice Control Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Apple Siri via Autoplus Gateway
  • Built-in Speaker for voice and audio alerts

The AutoSwing is an efficient automatic door opening system designed to move a hinge or pivot door weighing up to 265 lbs. The AutoSwing features two opening speeds for "fast" and "slow" openings and a single closing speed. Should the AutoSwing touch an object or person during operation, it will automatically reverse its direction to avoid further damage to the subject or the AutoSwing. If your selected door has an existing magnetic lock, electric strike, or smart deadbolt, the AutoSwing can be configured to work in tandem with it.

The AutoSwing electronic controller is encased in slimline housing, providing a clean aesthetic and a functional defense from the elements that fits above most door frames. The cover for the central unit can be custom powder coated to match your interior color profile.

The AutoSwing system features four operating modes with corresponding colored LED lights:

  • Auto Mode (green LED): The door will open when a push button or sensor is triggered and close after a preset time has elapsed (0 to 23 seconds).
  • Hold Open/Toggle Mode (blue LED): The door will open and remain open until another mode is selected.
  • Lock Mode (red LED): The Autoslide will not drive the door, allowing for manual operation.
  • Pet Mode (orange LED): For use with AutoSwing pet sensors and when a pet opening width has been set. The door will open a preset width when any Autoslide pet sensor is triggered and close after the preset time has elapsed.

An AutoSwing enabled door is normally activated by pressing a specially designed wall-mounted wireless push-button that is installed on either side of the door. A pair of wireless wall-mounted buttons are included in this kit, and up to 15 push buttons can be included into a single AutoSwing system. Alternate controlling options, such as motion sensors, keypads, or RFID cards and readers, are sold separately.

Control Your Autoslide Doors From Anywhere

Any Autoslide or AutoSwing enabled door can be remotely accessed when you're not home with the Autoslide app and Autoplus Gateway. The Autoplus Gateway monitors for wireless communications between Autoslide controllers or sensors and a Autoslide/AutoSwing unit and notifies you when a device is activated. The Autoslide app also enables voice control capabilities with Amazon Alexa and Apple Siri.

In addition, AutoSwing can integrate with Yale and August Wi-Fi Locks via their associated mobile apps to synchronize locking/unlocking and opening/closing a door with a single command. The AutoSwing can be programmed to automatically open or close when a partnered smart lock is interacted with, remotely accessed, or monitored through the associated mobile apps. In order to integrate the AutoSwing with a Yale or August Wi-Fi smart lock, the AutoSlide AutoPlus Gateway is required.

Installation Details

The AutoSwing controller can be installed either above or directly onto your hinge or swing door in two different operation methods: Push Arm to open the door outward, or Slide Arm to open the door inward. The AutoSwing must be installed indoors. Selecting a position depends on the direction the doors slide and preferred aesthetic. The main computing unit and the rechargeable battery can be easily removed and clipped back on for easy wall mounting.

The included wireless pushbuttons mount onto nearby flat surfaces with included double sided tape.

To power the Autoslide, simply plug it into a regular wall outlet. A built-in lithium backup battery charges while not in use and provides up to 5 days of usage in the event of power outages.


  • Motorized Operator
  • AutoPlus Gateway
  • Clip-On Safety Cover
  • Arm Bar
  • (2) Wall Mount Pushbuttons
  • Installation Hardware

NOTE: Professional installation recommended. For indoor installation only.

Automatic Sliding Doors For Your Home

Autoslide is recognized as an affordable, convenient, and practical solution for everyday's little inconveniences. It is a long awaited necessity for elderly and physically challenged, and a welcome convenience for pet owners who want less hassle when their pets want to come in and go out.


  • Manufacturer Part #:
    • SW03PROB: Black
    • SW04PROW: White
  • UPC:
    • SW03PROB: 736373141353
    • SW04PROW: 736373141360
  • Communication Protocols: RF, Bluetooth, RS485, Dry Contacts, Autoplus Gateway, Cloud API
  • Electro-Mechanical Lock Integration: Mag Lock, Electric Strike, Electric Deadbolt, Smart Deadbolt
  • Operator Type: Hinged Doors, Swing Doors
  • Door Opening Max Width: 47" (1200mm)
  • Maximum Door Weight: 265 lbs (120kg)
  • Opening Speed:
    • 30 degrees/s for fast opening speed
    • 15 degrees/s for slow opening speed
  • Closing Speed: 8 degrees/s
  • Hold Open Time: 0 to 23 Seconds
  • Power Input: 100-240 VAC 50/60hz (±10%)
  • Power Output: 65W, 25 VDC, 2.6A
  • Auxiliary Voltage: 24 VDC @220mA
    • (SPDT relay output for controlling electric-strikes or electric mag-locks
    • not to exceed 2A 24 VDC)
  • Lithium Battery Backup: 21.6V / 3200mAh
  • Ambient Temperature: 14 to 140 °F (-10 to 60 °C)
  • Drive System Weight: 7 lb
  • Dimensions: 3.14 x 22.56 x 2.25 inches (80 x 570 x 60mm)
  • Safety Protocol: Auto-Reverse
  • Ratings & Certifications: UL, FCC, ANSI
  • Warranty: 2-Year Limited