Z-Wave 700 and Z-Wave LR Expand the Capabilities of Future Smart Homes

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July 9, 2021 at 10:00:00 AM PDT July 9, 2021 at 10:00:00 AM PDTth, July 9, 2021 at 10:00:00 AM PDT

Last year, the Z-Wave Alliance and Sigma Designs officially released two updates to the Z-Wave wireless protocol: Z-Wave 700 (aka Z-Wave Plus v2), and Z-Wave Long Range (Z-Wave LR). Both of these new specifications will allow new Z-Wave compatible devices to benefit from greater transmission ranges, longer battery life, and other improved features.

Z-Wave 700 Series software, or Z-Wave Plus v2, improves new Z-Wave devices by greatly extending the reach and speed of their Z-Wave transmissions, standardizing Z-Wave signal encryption, and increasing the energy efficiency of their batteries.

Z-Wave 700 devices can communicate up to a maximum of 328 feet (100m) directly from point to point, or 2600 feet (800 meters) across an entire Z-Wave network. Previous Z-Wave Plus transmission ranges maxed out at 246 ft (75 m) point to point, or 984 feet (300 meters) across an entire network. Z-Wave 700 devices use 64% less power than previous generation Z-Wave devices by utilizing power only when necessary instead of continuously scanning for incoming signals, allowing for extended battery life up to 10 years. Finally, 700 series devices come pre-equipped with SmartStart and S2 technology, providing easy instant setup of Z-Wave devices along with 3 layers of encryption and energy efficient operation.

Current devices that implement Z-Wave 700 include Aeotec Gen7 devices, the 2GIG Z-Wave Plus Programmable Thermostat, and the Ezlo Vera Secure and Vera Plus Controllers.

Z-Wave LR (Long Range) dramatically increases transmission ranges of Z-Wave devices and the size of Z-Wave networks, more so than 700 series devices. Devices with Z-Wave Plus LR functionality make use of direct line-of-sight transmission ranges up to 1 mile/1.6km, eliminating the need for signal repeaters to pass along signals to their intended receiver on the other side of the building or property. Z-Wave LR also increases the maximum number of Z-Wave devices on a single network from 232 to 4000, giving users the freedom to add and utilize as many devices as they wish, in either residential or commercial settings. The Z-Wave Long Range is currently only implemented in US designed Z-Wave devices.

Both Z-Wave LR and Z-Wave 700 are backwards compatible and interoperable with all previous Z-Wave protocols and devices, allowing for existing Z-Wave devices to utilize the improvements of newer Z-Wave devices to maintain a secure and connected smart home network.

The Ezlo Vera Secure and Ezlo Vera Plus Smart Controllers are the best options for experiencing the strengths of Z-Wave 700 and Z-Wave LR protocols, as both are included in the smart controllers’ design. Since these devices are smart home hubs, they are capable of implementing the full potential of Z-Wave 700 and Z-Wave LR by creating gigantic Z-Wave networks spread across large residential or commercial properties.

Z-Wave 700 and Z-Wave LR technology will expand the capabilities of future smart homes, making them larger, faster, and more reliable. For more information on Z-Wave, smart home automation, and tailored recommendations for your ideas, visit homecontrols.com or call our technical support team at (858) 693-8887 today.