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Ezlo Protect

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December 18, 2023 at 1:00:00 PM PST December 18, 2023 at 1:00:00 PM PSTth, December 18, 2023 at 1:00:00 PM PST

Ezlo now offers Ezlo Protect, a cloud-to-ground security solution for dealers to provide for homes or businesses, complete with everything necessary to start and manage a new smart security and automation system.

Ezlo Protect is an open security platform that packages highly compatible hardware, reliable software, and optional central monitoring together for installers and end users looking for innovative solutions to fulfill their respective needs. Powered by MiOS software, Ezlo Protect ensures that any Ezlo network will be fully capable of fulfilling any automation or security tasks that you envision. Ezlo Protect simplifies installation, automation, and remote monitoring for both installers and customers through their monthly subscription packages and easy-to-use software interfaces on both mobile and desktop devices!

Platform Services and Subscription Tiers

With Ezlo Protect services, dealers will be able to provide customers with easy-to-explain options for initial installation and dedicated support, along with the building blocks for customers to personalize their security and automation system to their needs and specifications. Ezlo Protect monthly subscription services are available in three tiered packages outlined below:

EZ Smart Home: The EZ Smart Home package provides remote management and automation features to your self-monitored Ezlo Security network including app-based and email notifications, single app management for all compatible devices, as well as 60-day cloud video storage that saves footage from a compatible video camera or doorbell. 

EZ Smart Security: The EZ Smart Security package includes everything provided by EZ Smart Home, as well as the added benefits of remote monitoring and support from Ezlo’s Central Station Monitoring Service and forwarded alarm signals to the Monitoring Service so someone is guaranteed to know when an alert is triggered.

EZ Smart Security+: The EZ Smart Security+ package includes everything provided by EZ Smart Home and EZ Smart Security, plus 4G LTE connectivity for the Ezlo Secure Security Controller to keep your network connected in the event of your local internet failing. 

For more information on Ezlo Platform Services, including pricing, central station monitoring, and which service is right for you, please contact


Each Ezlo Protect network centers around the Ezlo Secure Smart Security Controller, one the most powerful and interoperable security and automation system hubs available. The Ezlo Secure is capable of controlling thousands of Z-Wave, Zigbee, RF 345 MHz, and Wi-Fi connected devices at once including lights, thermostats, door locks, video doorbells, shades, sensors and more from nearly 100 manufacturers. Powered by a 1GHz processor, the Ezlo Secure’s built-in security features include an onboard siren, 24-hour backup battery, and local memory storage and system management to keep the system running even when disconnected from the Internet and cloud servers. Ezlo Secure’s standout automation features include the Ezlo VOI platform which supports universal voice control across Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant network of compatible devices, and EzloCast™ multicast capability for near simultaneous control of up to 232 grouped devices with a single command. When an Ezlo Secure hub is paired with an Ezlo Protect subscription, additional features are unlocked including optional remote connection to a Central Monitoring Station, and optional 4G LTE backup connection when your Internet network is down. 

For a full list of compatible devices and integrations that can be included in an Ezlo network and controlled by the Ezlo Secure or other Ezlo hubs, please visit

Each Ezlo Protect kit includes multiple 2GIG sensors to kickstart basic security and automation tasks. The 2GIG Wireless Passive Infrared Motion Detector senses movement within a 30-foot long by 50-foot wide area view and ignores movement from small to medium-sized animals weighing up to 55 pounds. The 2GIG Wireless Thin Door/Window Contact monitors the status of any open/close object, including a door, window, cabinet, drawer, etc.

The EZ Essentials Kit consists of the Ezlo Secure Hub, 3 2GIG Thin Door/Window Contact Sensors, and a 2GIG Wireless Passive Infrared Motion Detector. This kit offers basic home security coverage with motion detection and monitoring of multiple entry points into your home or business while leaving plenty of room for additional devices and automated routines.

The EZ Essentials+ Kit consists of the Ezlo Secure Hub, 3 2GIG Thin Door/Window Contact Sensors, a 2GIG Wireless Passive Infrared Motion Detector, and the Ezlo 10” Touchscreen (also sold separately). The Ezlo 10” Touchscreen is a 10” smart tablet powered Android 11 OS and pre-equipped with the Ezlo Protect App, giving you an additional controller for your Ezlo system separate from your smartphone that anyone can use. The Ezlo 10” Touchscreen can be wall mounted with included hardware or placed onto a desktop mount (EZLTSDS-US, sold separately).


The main interface for Ezlo Protect for end users is the Ezlo Protect mobile app for Android and iOS devices. The Ezlo Protect app utilizes MiOS, an open platform designed to help users connect virtually any service, app, or device to any other service, app, or device. Dealers and customers respectively monitor and take control of the MiOS platform from a web browser dashboard, through the Ezlo Protect mobile application, or Ezlo 10" Touchscreen. MiOS automates the exchange and translation of data between all the devices you own and all the compatible services and apps you want to use. The MiOS platform utilizes AI assistant Meshbots to create and manage automation and security scenes and integrations. The MeshBots optimize communication between networked devices, collect data from triggered automation and security scenes for faster and more accurate responses and readings, and much more. Meshbots are simple to create, using triggers and actions in an If this then that type of logic making it child’s play to set up lighting schedules, monitor garage door activity, re-lock the smart lock on a timer, automatically turn on lights when the garage door or front door opens, etc. In addition to the mobile app there is also a browser-based customer portal for use on desktop, laptop, or tablet devices. 

For customers who are looking for an on-wall control solution that anyone can use, Ezlo offers the Ezlo 10” Touchscreen, powered by the popular Android OS and the Ezlo Protect App, giving you out of the box control over your Ezlo system complete with wall mount hardware. This 10” touchscreen is the largest in its class within the home automation and home security industry and provides an additional controller to your Ezlo system so family members, roommates, or guests can access your system without waiting for you to open the Ezlo Protect App on your phone. Multiple Touchscreens can be added to a single Ezlo network and placed at convenient locations across your home. It can be connected to your Internet and powered via a single cable with Power over Ethernet (PoE) connection or plugged into a local outlet through an included power supply and then connected to your Wi-Fi network. 

Dealers and Installers also utilize an exclusive Ezlo Protect Installer app that streamlines the installation process. Through the app, dealers can manage installation appointments and coordinate directly with their partnered installers. Installers will be able to follow a detailed checklist to ensure the setup process runs smoothly and even help customers program their first automated scenes to build knowledge and confidence in the Ezlo system. Once the installation is complete, dealers or installers can easily send out surveys to end users and receive feedback to improve performance in future projects. The Ezlo Protect platform can be fully branded with a dealer’s logo and colors across the customer and partner portals and mobile security app. Installers and dealers that take advantage of this can promote their knowledge of Ezlo systems to secure jobs and help them network with additional clients and colleagues. This partnered branding also gives end users confidence that their installer is a certified technician with knowledge of the system they are setting up. 

For more questions about Ezlo, Ezlo Protect, or any other home automation or home security topics, check out other entries in our blog or talk to our team over the phone at (858)-693-8887 or email us at