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PCS Lighting LDS-120V


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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –


Eliminate LED Flickering

The PCS LED Dimming Stabilizer removes flickering and power issues in connected LED fixtures. This universal small load resistor helps ensure LED bulbs dim properly and turn off according to its dimmer switch's selected light level. What's more, a single LED Dimming Stabilizer can support multiple lighting fixtures connected to one dimmer.

The Dimming Stabilizer requires no programming to set up and can be installed in any dimmable lighting fixture. The Stabilizer safely fits behind any dimmer switch box thanks to its low heat generation and can be safely wired in applications up to 120VAC.

  • Eliminates LED fixtures flickering or staying lit at certain light levels
  • Dissipates only 1.4 watts at 100% brightness settings and less at any lower settings
  • Low heat generation; installs behind the dimmer switch or at load/fixture location

NOTE: Install the LED Dimming Stabilizer in PARALLEL between the switch load wire (RED) and neutral wire (WHITE). If incorrectly installed in SERIES with the load, the LED will stay off.

PCS Lights the Way for Innovation

PCS develops and manufactures reliable, high-quality lighting control products for the residential and industrial/commercial markets. PCS products are designed to use standard power lines to communicate control signals without additional wiring, providing customers an affordable, flexible lighting control system.


  • Manufacturer Part #: LDS-120V
  • Ratings: 120VAC, 1.8W
  • Max Loads:
    • 400W if (1) LDS installed in single-gang box
    • 300W if (2) LDS installed in single-gang box
    • 400W if (2) LDS installed in double-gang box