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Dakota Alert Solar Break Beam Transmitter with DCR-4000 Receiver


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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –


Receive Motion Alerts From Up to 1 Mile Away

Add a long distance perimeter security point to your property with the Dakota Alert Solar Break Beam Transmitter. This pair of break beam sensors monitors movement that passes between them and sends an alert to a paired Dakota Alert 4000-series receiver to notify you of the detected motion. The pair of sensors work together to create an invisible infrared cross beam that stretches up to 300ft between each sensor to guard your property's perimeter or a selected path to your main building. A paired Dakota Alert 4000 series receiver will receive signals sent from the Break Beam Transmitter up to 1 mile away. Each sensor features dual solar panels that charge lithium ion batteries during the day and ensure continuous operation throughout the night.

  • Dual infrared beam sensors detect and report movement that passes between them
  • Sensors can be placed up to 300 feet away from each other
  • Sends trigger notifications to a paired 4000-series sensor up to 1 mile away
  • Dual solar panels on each unit charge the batteries throughout the day for continuous monitoring through the night
  • Detection immunity to small animals and objects reduces false alarms
  • DCR-4000 receiver connects to 12 DA-4000 series sensors and transmitters
  • DCR-4000 receiver features 12 different sounds to assign to a specific alarm zone

The Dakota Alert Solar Break Beam Transmitter is a pair of point to point sensors that will not be activated by any motion outside of the monitored beam. The sensors are not affected by small objects such as falling leaves or birds. The beam sensors are ideal for large outdoor locations such as farms, storage lots, car dealerships, etc. Multiple sensor pairs can be used to send a signal to one receiver if you wish to set up a complete perimeter surrounding your property.

The Dakota Alert 4000 Series Receiver is the standard receiver for Dakota Alert's 4000 Series products. Up to 16 Dakota Alert transmitters can be connected to the receiver and you can choose from up to 12 different tones to sound when the receiver gets a signal from the transmitter, which will help distinguish various zones. The receiver also provides volume control so you can set the sound to the ideal level.

Installation Details

The Dakota Alert Solar Break Beam Transmitters are simple to install and require no wiring. Each unit should be mounted on a solid object such as a wall, post, or pipe and facing each other at approximately the same height. The recommended mounting height is about 3 feet, as this will help to avoid false alerts from small animals crossing under the beams.

The Dakota Alert 4000 Series Receiver is powered by a 12VDC transformer and plugs into a standard electrical outlet and can be wall-mounted or placed on a table.


  • Break Beam Pair "A" and "B" (2 sensors)
  • (8) M4x10 Pan Head Screws with Flat Washers and Lock Washer
  • (8) M4x40 Pan Head Screws
  • (8) M4 Nut
  • (4) Metal Pipe Mounts
  • (4) Pipe Mount Rubber Adapters
  • (2) "C" Mounting Brackets
  • User Guide
  • Receiver
  • 12VDC Transformer

NOTE: Dakota Alert's various series of products are not cross-compatible. The 4000 series transmitters are not compatible with 3000 series or 2500 series receivers.

Dakota Alert Wireless Security Equipment

Dakota Alert is the leading manufacturer of wireless alert products. Whether you're trying to keep an eye on outbuildings or just want to know if someone is coming up your driveway, our wireless alerts and accessories allow you to be completely aware of any presence on your property.


  • Manufacturer Part #: SBA-4000
  • Power Source: 18650 rechargeable lithium battery, solar charger or USB Micro (not included)
  • Frequency: 433.92 MHz
  • Wireless Range: up to 1 mile
  • Maximum Detection Range: Up to 300 feet, actual range will vary depending on local terrain and obstructions
  • Operating Temperature: -20 to 120°F (-28 to 48°C)
  • DCR-4000 Power: 12VDC transformer