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iON Digital Micra Wireless Window Security Sensor


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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –


The World's Smallest Wireless Window Security Transmitter

A bulky home security system can be an eyesore. Adding to that stress is hard wire installation permanently altering the aesthetics of your room or window treatment. With its wireless connectivity and fully concealed platform, however, the iON Security Micra is a window security sensor that finally eliminates these pesky inconveniences.

The iON Micra features a window sash sensor that triggers an alarm whenever the contact between it and its corresponding surface mount magnet is severed. The transmitter is powered by a long-life lithium battery that is easily replaceable when a low battery condition is indicated by the control.

Each iON Micra has its own unique identification code (serial number) permanently assigned during manufacturing. The control unit is required to enroll the transmitter's ID during installation of the alarm system.

  • Wireless Window Security Sensors
  • Fully Concealed
  • Residential and Commercial Applications
  • Aesthetic: Fully concealed wireless sensor for wood, vinyl, or aluminum clad windows
  • Simple to specify: Compatible with current DSC, GE, HAI and 2GIG Wireless receivers
  • Easy to install: Required tools: a drill, a 3/4" Forstner bit (Sold Separately)
  • Composition: Micro-processor, Micro-transmitter, Lithium Battery, Optimized Antenna for superior zone signal
  • Long-life Battery: 5+ years (average rating)

This transmitter is compatible with current DSC, GE, HAI and 2GIG Wireless receivers.

The Sense Of Security

Wireless security has now overtaken hardwire systems as the leading installation choice by security professionals in residential and light commercial. The most objectionable part of this to the homeowner is that installations are done with bulky surface mounted sensors that are obtrusive to look at and design around. iON has designed innovative solutions to combat this with their line of concealed wireless sensors.


  • Dimensions: Dowel Package: 0.33" deep by 0.75" diameter
  • Power Source: 3.0V Lithium Coin Cell Battery (CR1620)
  • Cavity Depth Fit: 0.33" depth.
  • Visual Characteristics: Each sensor is color-coded to identify their respective compatibility:
    • DSC: Black
    • GE: Blue
    • HAI: Green
    • 2GIG: Blue with White Antenna
  • Environmental Conditions: Ambient temperature 10° – 120° F (-12 – 49° C).
  • Replacement: Sensor and Magnet and/or Battery field-replaceable.