SkylinkNet Now Works with IFTTT! Get 5 Starter Recipes

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That’s right, the do-it-yourself SkylinkNet wireless alarm system just got a lot cooler — it now works with IFTTT. Anyone who has the SkylinkNet Internet Hub can automate connected devices using custom IFTTT recipes, so not only do you get expanded automation options for your Skylink devices, you can also integrate third-party devices into your system. Check out the video for a quick synopsis, or scroll down for more info.

What is IFTTT?

IFTTT is the commonly used acronym for a free web service called “If This Then That,” which hints at what the service does… You can log into your free IFTTT account to set up automatic events using “recipes,” so if one triggering event (this) happens, then another thing (that) automatically happens too.

Triggers can be a wide range of events, such as the time of day, motion detection, or the location of your smartphone. For example, you could set up an IFTTT recipe that automatically arms your SkylinkNet security system as soon as your smartphone GPS detects that you left your house.

How Does IFTTT Work with SkylinkNet?

Using IFTTT with your SkylinkNet system is pretty easy. Follow these 5 simple steps to get started:

1. Create your free account at (Or log into your existing account.)

2. While you’re on the IFTTT website and logged in, look up the SkylinkNet channel. To find it, click the “Channels” link in the navigation bar.

3. Search for “SkylinkNet” using the search box. Then, click on the SkylinkNet icon that appears.

4. Click the “Connect” button on the SkylinkNet channel page.

5. On the page that appears, submit the login information for your SkylinkNet hub in order to connect your Skylink system to your IFTTT account. A notification should then appear at the top of your screen that says “Channel Connected.”

Now that your SkylinkNet system is connected with IFTTT, you can create recipes.

5 IFTTT Recipes for Your SkylinkNet System

These are five simple IFTTT recipe ideas to enhance your SkylinkNet system:

1.) IF a SkylinkNet alarm event is triggered, THEN send me an email notification.

2.) IF my smartphone leaves my home, THEN set my SkylinkNet hub to Arm Away mode.

3.) IF my SkylinkHome Door/Window Sensor detects an opened door, THEN trigger my HomeSeer automation system to sound an alarm.

4.) IF an alarm event is triggered in my SkylinkNet system, THEN log the event in my Google Drive spreadsheet.

5.) IF my SkylinkHome Motion Sensor detects activity, THEN turn on the light connected to my SkylinkHome Dimmer Module.

Be sure to let your fellow readers know about any great recipes you cook up yourself by leaving a comment!