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RYSE Retrofits Your Window Shades Into Smart Home Shades

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February 7, 2023 at 10:30:00 AM PST February 7, 2023 at 10:30:00 AM PSTth, February 7, 2023 at 10:30:00 AM PST

Home automation can be an expensive investment to venture into depending on the scale and features of your desired smart home. While converting light switches or daily used appliances into smart devices can be achieved with a single purchase of less than $100 dollars, automating window or drapery opening systems can cost upwards of $1000 dollars for both the necessary devices and installation. This disparity in affordable smart home devices creates gaps in smart home systems, which can prevent users from increasing their quality of life or improving accessibility within their home. Drapery and window opening systems are a prime example of prohibitive costs of entry, until the RYSE SmartShade.

The RYSE SmartShade is a retrofit motorized operator that converts almost any window shade or drapery controlled by a beaded pull-chain into an automated smart shade. Unlike competing window covering operators, the SmartShade fits directly onto an existing pull chain, greatly reducing the costs and time spent on installation. A SmartShade can support shades or drapes up to 9 ft wide and 9 ft long and weighing up to 10lbs. These specifications allow the SmartShades to work with most existing window coverings, reducing the costs associated with implementing smart home installations.

Once installed, the SmartShade opens and closes your shades or blinds by pressing the on-device buttons or using the RYSE App via Bluetooth connection. The SmartShade raises and lowers a window covering when a corresponding on-device button is held down. From the RYSE app, you can similarly raise and lower your window coverings by holding down the related buttons, or choose the exact position you’d like your coverings to be at using an Up/Down slider control. Additional features within the RYSE app, such as group control over multiple SmartShades, scheduled routines, and voice commands are unlocked when paired with a RYSE SmartBridge.

RYSE SmartShades are controlled individually unless paired with a RYSE SmartBridge. The RYSE SmartBridge makes your SmartShades a lot smarter by serving as their local system hub for saving and coordinating more advanced features. The SmartBridge connects to your Internet via wired Ethernet connection, enabling you to control your SmartShades while out of the house and integrate your SmartShades into Wi-Fi compatible smart home systems. With the SmartBridge you can control multiple SmartShades with a single command, schedule set times to automatically raise and lower your window coverings, and enable voice control with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple Homekit. 

Each SmartShade is powered by an included wired power supply that hangs from the bottom of the device, which may restrict the selection of window shades you may wish to operate. If a wireless operator is desired to control your window coverings, you will have to purchase a RYSE BatteryPack. The RYSE BatteryPack attaches to the bottom of the SmartShade and powers it for up to 6 months on a single charge, and completely recharges in 6 hours.

RYSE SmartShades alleviate your daily tasks by providing you remote control of your window coverings. Whether using on-demand or automated controls, they assist in lowering your energy bills by raising and lowering your window coverings well before the temperature rises with the sun in the summer and drops at night in the winter. The SmartShades are also a valuable addition to improving accessibility and assisted living dwellings by reducing the time and energy required to adjust the window coverings. Whether you are building a new smart home or improving your current one, RYSE products provide an affordable and easy to use upgrade to your windows and window coverings.

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