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Use Smart Sensors to Optimize Your Home Automation Scenes

We’ve spoken about Z-Wave before, but now we’re going to get into a little more detail on the usefulness and practicality of home automation. Typically you would look at a door/window sensor, or motion sensor, and expect that all it does is tell you and your automation hub when a door or window is open or when movement is detected in the room. While that is true on both counts, these sensors are capable of much more than simply telling you.

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Smart Home Products For Renters

Looking for ways to save money on utility bills and make your rented home a smart home? You don’t have to own the building you're living in to start building an automated home system with smart home products.

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How to Make Mornings Easier With Home Automation

Let’s face it: for many of us, waking up during the work week can be a struggle. Whether you sleep through your alarms or force yourself out of bed while still half asleep, it can be hard to quickly muster the energy and focus necessary to kickstart your mornings. For days like these, adding smart home automation devices to your home can potentially improve your morning routine by programing your home to wake up with you. Here at Home Controls we offer a full spread of smart home devices that can make your mornings easier to greet.

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