Brand Spotlight

Brand Spotlight - Ecolink

Compatibility between devices is a top priority to consider when creating a home automation or security system. Many manufacturers either focus on centering all of their devices onto a single communication protocol, while others make sure that their system hubs and controllers can command devices that use various different frequencies. Ecolink takes a different approach by creating multiple versions of a single device that each utilize different communication protocols, ensuring that their products can fill in the gaps of any growing smart home or smart security system.

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Redefine Home Audio With VSSL

Wireless audio streaming has become a common feature in our everyday lives whether we are at home, in our cars, or at a friend or family’s home. But even though we have become accustomed to using this technology, there are still hiccups and annoyances encountered almost every time we wish to use it. Every time you wish to stream content you need to open multiple apps or menus to secure the connection, pick what you want streamed, and select where you want it streamed to. This is especially true for smart devices when you wish to switch from Spotify to Youtube or Apple Music and you have to restart the whole process over despite your smart device already being connected to an audio output.

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Brand Spotlight: Dakota Alert

Dakota Alert creates long range motion detection devices for indoor and outdoor security. Dakota Alert products primarily benefit users with large properties, such as farms, office buildings or other properties with lots of ground to cover. Their products have provided users exceptional security coverage over wide areas thanks to long range RF transmissions that have increased in strength and scale as newer iterations were released. Currently, Dakota Alert offers two distinct product series: the MURS series and the 4000 series.

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