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X10 Wi-Fi HUB For Android And Apple Devices


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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –


Provides Local & X10 Control

Control all of your X10 devices from your smartphone and anywhere you have Internet access with the X10 WiFi HUB For Android and Apple devices. This X10 Wi-Fi hub will allow you to select from 256 X10 codes to control up to 32 devices, organize your X10 units into "Rooms", and create scenes that are tailored to you and your family. Just plug the hub into any outlet that's within 100 feet of the router. Then download the X10 Wi-Fi app to your smartphone, or other mobile device, and finish the setup process via the app. The X10 HUB even works with all of your old X10 devices, which means you don't have to worry about replacing them with new X10 devices.

  • Provides control of X10 devices via Wi-Fi using a mobile device (iOS or Android)
  • Select from 256 X10 codes to control up to 32 devices
  • Create Rooms to help organize all of your X10 devices
  • Smart scenes can setup multiple actions with a single press of a button
  • Access to X10 smart lighting (On/Off, Dim/Brighten and delays)
  • Built-in memory retains your device's setting even when it's not powered

Use X10 Control for Rooms and Scenes

Rooms: Setting up Rooms will allow you to group all of your X10 devices in one convenient location, allowing you to control and turn on/off the entire room with one click of a button. Rooms are ideal to keep you organized, especially when you have multiple X10 devices spread throughout your home.

Scenes: Set multiple actions with just a simple click. For example, if you create a "Party" scene, you can have certain lights in your home turn on to 40% brightness while turning off other lights to set the right mood. Or you can have a "Bedtime" scene where you turn off all of the lights in your home and turn on an external fan in the bedroom.

Other Features:

  • Organize all your devices by giving them Names instead of relying on the codes (A1, F3, etc)
  • Control all your devices with All ON and ALL OFF functionalities
  • Easily create multiple timers per device
  • Simple to edit and delete timers as necessary
  • Over the Air firmware updates as necessary
  • X10 Command History gives the advanced user the ability to look at the past 50 commands heard by the X10 Wi-Fi Hub, doubling as a great troubleshooting tool
  • Simple setup of secondary devices. After the first device is setup, other device setup is a breeze
  • Multiple users can control the hub simultaneously
  • The WM100 has an active 'sense' technology that will adjust the status of the devices in the app regardless of if the signal was sent from the WM100 or any other source (like a hand remote)


  • X10 Wi-Fi Hub
  • Instructions


  • A 2.4Ghz Internet connection is required. The WM100 cannot connect to a 5Ghz network.
  • Requires the X10 Wi-Fi app for both iOS and Android devices.

It's So Easy To Automate Your Home!

X10 started manufacturing home automation and security products in the late 70s and has been one of the smart home standards since its inception. X10 utilized powerline language to transmit control signals anywhere in your house over your existing 110V electrical lines, so you can control lights and appliances throughout your home without running new wires! Simply add a controller (transmitter) at one electrical outlet and add another module (receiver) at any other outlet and you have remote control of that module. Choose from plug-in, wired-in and wireless models. This enables you to have the remote and automated control of lights and appliances from anywhere on your property. The convenience and security of controlling all your lights and appliances from anywhere in your house is simple and inexpensive.


  • Manufacturer Part #: WM100
  • UPC: 806810873717
  • Network: Wi-Fi
  • Rating: 120VAC 60Hz
  • X10 Codes: Control up to 32 of all the different possible 256 X10 codes
  • App: X10 Wi-Fi app (iOS or Android)
  • Certifications: FCC
  • Warranty: 1 Year