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Sensaphone 800 Monitoring System, 8-Channel


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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm – www.P65Warnings.ca.gov


Remote Monitoring & Alarm Notification System

If something goes wrong on your property, make sure you know about it ASAP by setting up the Sensaphone 800 Remote Monitoring System. Designed to provide an array of environmental notifications, the Sensaphone lets you monitor a remote location no matter where you are. The 800 model accepts up to eight external sensors, such as a rain sensor, temperature sensor, etc. to monitor eight conditions. The Sensaphone 800 can also alert up to eight people with custom voice phone calls.

  • Great for monitoring remote locations, such as a vacation home or business
  • Model 800 accepts 8 sensors to monitor 8 environmental conditions
  • Notifies up to 8 people by custom voice phone call in the event of an alarm
  • Provides remote control over thermostat and other settings
  • Relay output can switch local devices on/off based on alarm activity
  • Temperature-sensing range of -20° to 150° F (-30° to 65° C)

In addition to providing inputs for eight external sensors, the Sensaphone system has built-in monitoring for ambient temperature, power failures, and sound to detect audible alarms. When any alarm is detected, the system automatically notifies up to eight people by making voice phone calls. It will continue to make phone calls until someone responds.

The Sensaphone 800 has nonvolatile memory and is powered by the included power supply. It also allows optional 24-hour battery backup with six size-C alkaline batteries (not included).


  • Sensaphone 800 System
  • Power Supply

NOTE: External sensors and backup batteries not included.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This Sensaphone product is not available to ship outside the U.S.

Sensaphone Remote Monitoring Solutions

Unexpected events happen. But Sensaphone remote monitoring systems are on alert full time to notify you of threatening conditions, so you can respond quickly and prevent costly damages and disruptive downtime. From wireless capabilities to ultra-low temperature tolerant systems, you'll find the right Sensaphone for your monitoring needs. Start protecting your investments today.


Product Features

Input Zones

  • Flexible inputs that support:
    • Normally Open or Normally Closed contacts
    • Temperature sensors: -20° F to 150° F
    • Eight channels in the Model 800
  • Automatic input type configuration.
  • Programmable recognition times.
  • Internal calibration.

Alarm Notification

  • Eight phone numbers in the Model 800.
  • Makes voice phone calls with customized messages for easy identification.
  • Built-in alarm test function to simulate and test the notification process.
  • Includes telephone Line Seizure.

Voice Messages

  • Built in vocabulary for keypad programming and sensor readings.
  • Record custom voice phrases in your own voice to describe each input zone.
  • Record site identification message.


  • Internal microphone for custom voice message recording.
  • Monitor high sound alarms.
  • Microphone can also be used for remote listen-in feature.

Output Relay

  • Low voltage NO/NC output relay included.
  • Manual or automatic alarm response switching.

Remote Access

  • Call in with any Touch-Tone phone to check the status of all monitored conditions.
  • Make programming changes remotely from any Touch-Tone phone.
  • Remotely control the output relay.

Local Access

  • Keypad and speaker for local programming.
  • Easy voice-prompted programming.
  • Password-protected to restrict programming access.


  • The Sensaphone 800 is a direct replacement for the model 1108.

Power Supply

  • Comes with plug-in power supply.
  • 24 Hour battery backup using 6 size C alkaline batteries (not included).
  • Automatically monitors for power failure alarms.
  • International power options available.

Built in CottageSitter Control

  • The built in relay can be used to remotely change the temperature of a dual setback thermostat. Provide your own, or order the FGD-0064 Thermostat from Sensaphone.

Technical Details

  • Manufacturer Part #:
    • FGD-0800 : Gray
    • FGD-0800-W : White
  • Relay Output: Rated for 1A 30VAC/1A 30VDC maximum.
  • Warranty: 1-Year Limited

Alert Zones

  • Number of Zones: 8 (thermistor installed on zone #1 for local temperature monitoring)
  • Zone Connector: Terminal block
  • Zone Types: N.O./N.C. contact, 2.8K thermistor (-20° F to 150° F or -30° C to 65° C )
  • Zone Characteristics: 5.11K to 2.85V (Short circuit current: 1mA max.)
  • A/D Converter Resolution: 10 bits, ±2 LSB
  • Zone Protection: 5.5VDC Metal Oxide Varistor with fast acting diode clamps.


  • Internal Electret Condenser: For listening in to on-site sounds and detecting high sound levels.

Phone Interface

  • Line RJ11 Jack: For connection to a two-wire analog telephone line. (6-foot modular cord included)
  • Extension RJ11 Jack w/ Line Seizure: For connecting other devices on the same telephone line, devices connected to this jack are disconnected in the event that the 800 must dial out for an alarm.
  • Phone Line Protection: Metal Oxide Varistor and self-resetting fuse

LED Indicator

  • System On: On steady when the unit is in RUN mode. LED blinks once every few seconds while in STANDBY mode.
  • Phone In Use: On steady when the telephone line is being used. LED blinks when no dial tone is detected. Off when telephone line is not in use.
  • Alarm: Off when no alarm exists. Blinks when an unacknowledged alarm exists. On steady when an acknowledged alarm exists
  • Battery Ok: On steady when the battery is in good condition. Blinks when the battery is low. Off when the battery must be replaced.

Power Supply

  • Power Supply: 120VAC/9VDC 60Hz 6W wall plug-in transformer w/6-foot cord.
  • Power Consumption: 1.5 Watts
  • Power Protection: Metal Oxide Varistor
  • Battery Backup: Six size-C alkaline batteries (not included), providing up to 24 hours of backup time.


  • Operating Temperature: 32° to 122° F (0° to 50° C)
  • Operating Humidity: 0 to 90 percent RH non-condensing
  • Storage Temperature: 32° to 140° F (0° to 60° C)


  • Dimensions: 2.1(H) x 7.8(W) x 8.8(D) inches
  • Weight: 2 pounds
  • Enclosure: Indoor-rated plastic housing suitable for wall or desktop installation.