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FIBARO Z-Wave Plus Dimmer 2, Gen5


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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –


Universal Z-Wave Dimmer for Wired Lights

Enable Z-Wave control for almost any light fixture by wiring it into the FIBARO Z-Wave Dimmer 2 (U.S.). Designed to wire into your existing wall switch and retrofit into your switch's electrical box, this dimmer module provides On/Off/Dim control for dimming loads and On/Off control for non-dimming loads. You can control the light with the wall switch or remotely via Z-Wave. As a universal Z-Wave smart dimmer, the module works with most lighting types, including incandescent, halogen, LED, and CFL (see specifications for details).

  • Supports dimmable and non-dimmable lighting loads
  • Optionally turns existing switch buttons into a scene trigger
  • Reports energy usage (instantaneous W and accumulated KWh)
  • Built-in overheating, overload, and voltage drop protection
  • "Z-Wave Plus" certified for wide compatibility
  • No neutral wire required, supports 2- or 3-wire setup

Installation Details

Installation is possible in buildings with both 2- and 3-wire systems, so while a neutral wire setup is supported, the neutral is not required. Compatible with various types of switches (momentary, toggle, three-way, etc.), the Z-Wave smart dimmer has an algorithm of smart light source detection that automatically detects the type of light source connected and then calibrates itself for optimal operation. An integrated multi-color LED (RGB) indicates your installation progress and assists you in performing the range test in conjunction with your Z-Wave controller.

Z-Wave Plus Certification

Z-Wave Plus is an upgraded certification program to help you identify products that take advantage of the "Next Gen" Z-Wave hardware platform, also known as 500 Series or Gen5 Z-Wave. Z-Wave Plus certified solutions feature a selected set of extended features and capabilities that enhance your experience with faster and easier installation and setup. Z-Wave Plus advancements also provide longer battery life, faster operation, better wireless range and improved noise immunity.

NOTE: Z-Wave smart dimmer requires a Z-Wave network controller. Loads less than 50W may require a FIBARO Dimmer Bypass 2 FGB-002 (not included).

Innovative Z-Wave Solutions by FIBARO

With multiple award-winning products, FIBARO has become one of the leading Z-Wave manufacturers in the home automation and security industries. The company has been lauded time and time again for bringing uniquely innovative Z-Wave solutions to people across the globe. Introduce your home to your imagination through FIBARO.


Product Features

  • Memory of last lighting level settings
  • Responds to All On/All Off commands
  • Soft start function
  • Built-in timer (auto – off)
  • Min/Max brightness level
  • Auto or manual dimming step size control
  • Auto or manual dimming step time control
  • Burn-out bulb detection
  • Double click option – set brightness to Max

Technical Details

  • Manufacturer Part #: FGD-212
  • Wireless Technology: Z-Wave Plus
  • Radio Frequency: 908.4 MHz (U.S.)
  • Radio Signal Power: up to 1mW
  • Wireless Range: Up to 165 feet (50 m) outdoors, or up to 100 feet (30 m) indoors (depending on terrain / building structure)
  • Power Source: 120VAC 60 Hz
  • Power Consumption:< 1.3W
  • Device Control:
    • Remotely: Z-Wave radio waves
    • Directly: External switch
  • Max. Load Rating:
    • Resistive loads (conventional incandescent and halogen): 25-125W
    • Resistive-capacitive loads (fluorescent tube lamp – compact / with electronic ballast, electronic transformer, LED): 25-100VA
    • Resistive-inductive loads (ferromagnetic transformers): 25-110VA
  • Active Element: Semiconductor electronic switch
  • Operational Temperature: 32° to 95°F (0° to 35°C)
  • Operational Current: 0.25-1.1A
  • Device Temperature Protection: 221°F (105°C)
  • Overcurrent Protection: Required external 10A circuit breaker, all circuits wired as Class 1 or Electric Light and Power circuit
  • For Installation in Boxes: Ø ≥ 2 inches (Ø ≥ 50mm)
  • Dimensions: 1.67(L) x 1.5(W) x 0.8(H) inches (42.5 x 38.25 x 20.3 mm)
  • Warranty: 12 Months

Compatible Loads

As a dimmer:

  • 230V incandescent and halogen lamps
  • 12V ELV halogen lamps (with electronic transformers)
  • 12V MLV halogen lamps (with ferromagnetic transformers)
  • Dimmable LED lamps
  • Dimmable compact fluorescent (CFL) tube lamps
  • Using FIBARO Bypass FGB-002 (not supplied), any dimmable light source up to 225VA in 2-wire connection (depending on the type of load)

As a switch:

  • Non-dimming compact fluorescent lamps (CFL)
  • Non-dimming LED lamps (power factor > 0.7)
  • Using FIBARO Bypass FGB-002 (not supplied), any dimmable light source up to 225VA (depending on the type of load)