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Brand Spotlight - Russound Audio

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Home Controls
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September 7, 2023 at 10:00:00 AM PDT September 7, 2023 at 10:00:00 AM PDTth, September 7, 2023 at 10:00:00 AM PDT

Home Controls now carries high quality home audio distribution devices and speakers from Russound, a premium multi-room audio manufacturer. Russound audio distribution devices available here at Home Controls include the powerful MCA-series Source Controller Amplifiers, the flexible MBX Wi-Fi Streaming Media Players, and the versatile Bluetooth Transceivers, as well as wall-mounted local controllers to command individual audio zones. Also available are Russound’s newest line of in-wall and in-ceiling speakers that can seamlessly fit into any audio application with their premium performance specifications and lightweight form to guarantee easy installation.

The MCA-Series Source Controller Amplifier is part multi-channel amplifier, part advanced audio matrix, and part device control system. In short, it is the central component to which every audio source and audio output in your home audio system connects to. It’s smart enough not only to handle playing your music around your home, but also to send the proper commands to turn them all on and off, to play or pause them, to skip forwards or backwards, or to change tracks, stations, etc. 

The MBX-AMP and the MBX-PRE Wi-Fi Streaming Media Players are dedicated to wireless streaming for standalone / single room audio zones or as additions to multi-room audio systems. These Wi-Fi media players can deliver audio from multiple sources via wireless and local inputs to either a single local amplifier or audio zone or stream their audio inputs across a Russound audio system connected to the same Internet network. The MBX players come equipped with native support for Apple Airplay 2, Google Chromecast, Bluetooth, voice control via Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, and built-in compatibility with every major audio streaming service to provide a seamless audio experience for any sized installation. 

All MCA and MBX products are IP compatible through Russound's RIO software (Russound I/O). RIO software allows Russound IP based control systems to integrate with, control, and communicate bi-directionally with other IP compatible devices and controllers through an open protocol, including smart home hubs and controllers. Russound Amplifiers are controlled from the MyRussound mobile app, Web Config via an internet browser, and local IP controllers such as the Russound XTS7 Touchscreen, IPK-1 Keypad, or USRC Universal System Remote Control.  

Russound’s Bluetooth Transceivers add Bluetooth audio streaming sources to any multi-room audio distribution systems, but work best with Russound MCA amplifiers. The Bluetooth Transceivers connect to 3rd party audio amplifiers via 3.5mm cable but when paired with a Russound MCA-Series Controller, the Bluetooth Transceivers utilize PoE connections up to 500ft long to reach remote locations within a home or office. This extended range allows users to place a Bluetooth audio source nearly anywhere and maintain a constant connection to your centralized audio system.

Command your Russound MBX or MCA series systems with local controllers placed within each audio zone or configure your entire system via the MyRussound app. Local controllers include the IP Keypad, which offers simple audio commands over a single zone, the USRC Universal System Remote Control which can pair with and control up to 3 audio zones with IR compatibility, or the XTS7 Color Touchscreen that supports the MyRussound app to can configure your entire Russound multi-room audio system (as well as any other smart home devices or systems through their respective mobile app.)  

From your mobile device or XTS7 Color Touchscreen, the MyRussound app takes advantage of all of the features available to your Russound devices to simplify control of your Russound audio system no matter the scale or configuration. Control everything from small audio systems of only a few rooms in the home to the most complex audio installations.

Russound's 5 newest models of speakers provide versatile options for any sized audio zone or specific audio application. Each speaker is voice matched to other speakers in the same series, ensuring a consistent audio profile. Russound’s speakers not only offer premium audio quality, but also premium design features that make installation a seamless experience. The IC-620, IC-620T, IC-820, IC-820T, IC-630, IC-830, IW-620 and IW-630 models include SwiftLock® design features that make installation effortless with a single push of a button. Whether in-wall or in-ceiling, these speakers provide perfect choices for multi-room audio, home theater, primary listening and many more. 

Experience superior audio performance with Russound’s speakers or audio distribution devices for yourself by purchasing yours today. For more questions about Russound, or any other home audio or home automation topics, check out other entries in our blog or talk to our team over the phone at (858)-693-8887 or email us at