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Brand Spotlight: Global Caché

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October 27, 2022 at 11:00:00 AM PDT October 27, 2022 at 11:00:00 AM PDTth, October 27, 2022 at 11:00:00 AM PDT

Staying online and connected is the new normal in modern society, whether staying up to date through social media or when checking in on your front door or pets via a live video feed streaming to your smartphone. Smart home and smart security devices also benefit from remote monitoring and configuration through wired or wireless connections to your Internet network. But not every electronic device in your home is capable of connecting to the Internet. 

This is where Global Caché’s strengths reside. For nearly 20 years, Global Caché has been providing award-winning network connectivity products that connect IR, serial, or relay devices to a Wi-Fi or wired network so they can be remotely controlled and automated. Global Caché features three generations of network adapters and modular hubs designed to expand the size and functionality of automation and entertainment systems and network-based software. These three product lines, Flex, iTach, and Global Connect, showcase the evolution of their products’ versatility and the reliability of their core concept: providing an easy and flexible way to connect common electronic devices to enhance any control environment.

Global Connect

Global Connect is Global Caché’s latest generation of high performance connectivity and control devices. Global Connect is a family of connectivity network adapters that revolutionizes the way you connect, command, and control standard and smart devices. Built with versatility and power, Global Connect devices feature an open system design that enables them to work with virtually any control software or hardware, delivering a simple cost-effective way to extend the reach of any control system; from legacy proprietary systems or retrofitted devices, to modern apps and the latest cloud based control software.

Global Connect networking devices consist of three elements: the chassis, the number of slots per chassis, and installed modules. Global Connect offers five chassis sizes, some of which have rack mount options, and others are freestanding. Each chassis, according to its size, has a certain number of slots, from 3 slots up to 10 slots per chassis. Module options include Power over Ethernet, serial (RS232 and 485), relay (contact closure), IR output and sensor input, HDMI switch, and Raspberry Pi computer to an IP or Wi-Fi network. Modules can require either one or two slots, while Raspberry Pi modules require three slots. 

Each Global Connect serves to increase the amount of smart devices in your home or business for you to automate and remotely control. Delivering true IoT, Global Connect features individual IP addresses for each module with individual web pages for easy configuration, advanced addressability, and backward compatibility to existing Global Caché hardware. Each Global Connect system can be expanded via Ethernet connections between units. Global Connect is the perfect enhancement and addition to Global Caché current product lines.


Global Caché™ iTach products are designed to connect almost a single or small group of electrical devices to an Internet network within minutes. These ultra-compact WiFi or wired TCP/IP connectivity devices fit within almost any installation and are available in multiple versions depending on the desired connection type: infrared (IR), serial (RS232), or contact closure (relay) device. Global Caché’s iTach products integrate easily with iOS and Android devices and apps. Depending on the connection type and paired Flex Link Cable, sold separately, a single iTach device can support between 1 to 8 connected devices simultaneously


Global Caché’s Flex devices enable compatible electrical devices to connect to your Internet network instantly. By using a Flex IP module or Flex Wi-Fi module with a Flex Link cable (RS232 serial, IR sensor, or Contact Closure relay) the Flex module adds previously unconnected devices onto your network so they can be controlled and automated from Global Caché’s cloud server. All Flex devices must be used with a Flex Link cable. The Flex provides powerful, inexpensive, and simple connectivity to almost any electrical device to enable remote control and automation using an app on a smartphone, tablet, or web portal interface. The Flex modules include built-in IR learning, and Control Tower, Global Caché IR database in the cloud provides easy access to over 150,000 tested IR codes. The ease-of-use and versatility of the cloud-based system ensures compatibility and expandability of any system.

Global Caché’s iTach Flex products integrate easily with iOS and Android devices and apps. The Flex’s connectivity, support of 8 simultaneous connections, small size, and many other features are the reasons why so many developers have chosen to integrate with Global Caché hardware. 

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