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Autoslide Now Integrates with Yale & August Smart Locks

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May 1, 2023 at 1:00:00 PM PDT May 1, 2023 at 1:00:00 PM PDTst, May 1, 2023 at 1:00:00 PM PDT

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Autoslide, creator of automatic door opening systems for sliding and swing doors, has partnered with smart lock companies Yale and August to create a unique smart door experience for your home or business. Through the integrated use of the Autoslide AutoSwing and a Yale Access Wi-Fi Lock or August Wi-Fi Smart Lock, users can access their lock and automatically open or close their door in one smart action. Unlock and Open, Close and Lock, and provide remote access to your smart door from anywhere using either the Autoslide Pro, Yale Access, or August Home mobile apps for iOS and Android. Additionally, users can also control this smart door combo with voice control through Apple Siri or Amazon Alexa.


What is the Autoslide AutoSwing?

The Autoslide AutoSwing is a motorized swing door opening system capable of opening and closing swing doors up to 265 lbs when ordered by a controller, sensor, or mobile app. The AutoSwing features two opening speeds for "fast" and "slow" openings and a single closing speed. Should the AutoSwing touch an object or person during operation, it will automatically reverse its direction to avoid further damage to the subject or the AutoSwing. Additional features include a built-in speaker for audio alerts, two ports for fire alarm and RS-485 connections, updatable firmware, internal backup battery, and a Bluetooth radio.



The AutoSwing installs either above or onto swing doors in push arm or slide arm setups for outward and inward opening doors, respectively. The system features 4 operating modes, designated by colored LEDs.


  • Auto Mode (green) to open a door when triggered and automatically close after a preset time.
  • Hold Open/Toggle Mode (blue) to keep the door open
  • Lock Mode (red) to deactivate the motor to allow for manual operation
  • Pet Mode (orange) to open a door a preset width when an Autoslide pet sensor is triggered and close after a preset time


What Are the Advantages of Smart Door Operation?


Pairing the AutoSwing with a Yale or August Wi-Fi Smart Lock enables you to unlock and open or close and lock your door in one automated action. The pair of devices can be controlled from a local AutoSlide controller connected to the AutoSwing, with your voice using Siri or Alexa, or remotely from your smartphone using the Autoslide Pro, Yale Access, or August Home mobile apps. 


When partnered with a Yale Access Wi-Fi Lock or August Wi-Fi Smart Lock, the AutoSwing can take advantage of and respond to the features offered by the individual locks. 


  • Automatically lock and unlock your door after a set amount of time or when you approach the smart door
  • Receive real time notifications of your lock and door's status, plus notifications when the status changes 
  • Pair a Yale, August, or Autoslide keypad to use passcodes to access your smart door
  • Create ekeys within an app to share with family, guests, and coworkers to provide and control access to your building
  • Utilize Grade 2 encrypted wireless transmissions and two-factor authentication for secure access
  • Review activity history of your smart door, including who accessed it and at what time


What Will I Need For Complete Smart Door Operation?


For complete smart door security and automated open/close operation, users will need:


  • An Internet connection and Wi-Fi network
  • Autoslide AutoSwing 
  • Autoslide AutoPlus Gateway (included with AutoSwing)
  • a compatible Yale or August smart lock
  • The Autoslide Pro, Yale Access, or August Home mobile app

Build your own customized smart door setup for yourself by purchasing yours today. For more questions about AutoSwing, Yale Locks, August Locks, or any other home automation or home security topics, check out other entries in our blog or talk to our team over the phone at (858)-693-8887 or email us at