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X10 751A Deluxe Wireless Base Transceiver Module


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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –


Converts RF Signals To X10

The X10 751A Deluxe Wireless Base Transceiver Module is an integral part of your wireless X10 home control system. The module accepts radio frequency (RF) commands from wireless X10 transmitters, and converts them into X10 signals, which can then travel over household wiring to the appropriate X10 receiver module.

The Deluxe Wireless Base Transceiver Module allows you to control any household appliance or light that is connected to your household wiring through a Lamp Module or Appliance Module. The module also functions as an Appliance Module itself. Simply plug an appliance into it, and you have full control over that appliance!

The X10 Deluxe Transceiver Module is an X10 Plug-In Transceiver

A basic wireless X10 system includes a Transmitter, a Transceiver and a Receiver – each sold separately. Wireless Transmitters are control devices that broadcast X10 radio frequency (RF) signals to Transceivers, which plugs into standard wall outlets. The Wireless Transceiver then converts the RF signal into an X10 signal and transmits it through your home's electrical wiring to X10 Receivers. When an X10 Receiver receives a command, it responds by turning a light, appliance or other electrical device On or Off, and sometimes Dim or Bright.

It's So Easy To Automate Your Home!

X10 started manufacturing home automation and security products in the late 70s and has been one of the smart home standards since its inception. X10 utilized powerline language to transmit control signals anywhere in your house over your existing 110V electrical lines, so you can control lights and appliances throughout your home without running new wires! Simply add a controller (transmitter) at one electrical outlet and add another module (receiver) at any other outlet and you have remote control of that module. Choose from plug-in, wired-in and wireless models. This enables you to have the remote and automated control of lights and appliances from anywhere on your property. The convenience and security of controlling all your lights and appliances from anywhere in your house is simple and inexpensive.


  • Manufacturer Part #: TM751
  • UPC: 099081312263

For larger X10 systems, you will need 1 Transceiver per house-code setting. For example, if you have all your interior lights on House Code A, all your exterior lights on House Code B and all your wireless cameras on House Code C, you would need 3 Transceivers. Simply set each transceiver to its corresponding House Code. For smaller X10 systems, you can have your cameras and lights on one house code (ex. House Code A) and would only need one Transceiver.