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  • Optex BX Shield Outdoor Boundary Detector, Standard Model

Optex BX Shield Outdoor Boundary Detector, Standard Model


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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –


Reliable Boundary Detection Coverage

The Optex BX Shield Outdoor Boundary Detector (Standard Model) provides enhanced and reliable outdoor motion detection of windows and boundary areas of your property. It features four PIRs (two on each side of the detector), an adjustable detection range of 8ft to 40ft (per side), and Logic Function, which will only trigger an alarm signal when the upper and lower detection areas detect movement at the same time.

  • Detection security of window, boundary, and long narrow areas
  • 8 feet to 40 feet adjustable detection range (per side)
  • Logic Function triggers alarm when both upper and lower areas are detected
  • SMDA Logic: differentiates between false alarms & genuine intrusions
  • Extreme High Detection Mode increases the PIR sensitivity

Individual Left/Right High Sensitivity Detection Settings

The Optex BX Shield Outdoor Boundary Detector can trigger alarm signals on both the left and right side individually of long narrow areas of your property. The PIR sensors (2 per side) can differentiate between large and small objects within the detection area, minimizing chances of false alarms. The detection distance can also be adjusted between 8ft to 40ft.

Reliable Detection

  • SMDA Logic (Super Multidimensional Analysis) technology can differentiate between climate changes and vegetation sways and actual intrusions.
  • An alarm signal is only triggered when movement is detected by both upper and lower detection areas.
  • Extreme High Detection Mode increases PIR sensitivity to prevent missed alarms caused by small temperature differences between the background and a human body.


  • Optex BX Shield Outdoor Boundary Detector
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Optex: The Quality Products People Expect

Optex specializes in passive and active infrared technology, control systems and CCTV products for home and business security. Since its founding in 1979, Optex has established a world-wide reputation for quality, innovation and technical excellence. Their products always represent an investment in performance and long-term satisfaction.


  • Manufacturer Part #:
    • BXS-ST: Hardwired
    • BXS-R: Wireless
  • Detection Method: Passive Infrared
  • PIR Coverage: 24 m (80') ; 12 m (40') on each side, 4 zones ; 2 zones on each side, 180°narrow
  • PIR Distance Limit:
    • BXS-ST: List the possible range 2.5, 3.5, 6, 8.5, 12 m
    • BXS-R: 2.5 to 12 m (5 levels)
  • Detection Angle from Wall:
    • To Wall: 0° angled forward
    • Away Wall: 3° angled forward selectable
  • Detectable Speed: 0.3 to 2.0 m/s (1' to 6'7"/s)
  • Sensitivity:
    • Normal: 2.0°C (3.6°F) at 0.6 m/s
    • Extreme High: 1.0°C(1.8°F)at 0.6 m/s
    • Selectable for each side individually
  • Power Input:
    • BXS-ST: 9.5 to 18 VDC
    • BXS-R: Qty 2 of 3V DC Lithium or Alkaline batteries
  • Current Draw:
    • BXS-ST: 31 mA max. at 12 VDC
    • BXS-R: 15 µA stand-by 8 max. at 3 V DC except walk test
  • Alarm Period: 2.0 ±1 sec.
  • Warm-Up Period: 60 sec. or less (LED blinks)
  • Alarm (Right and Left) output:
    • BXS-ST: 28 VDC 0.1 A max. [Individual;Right or General], [N.O. or N.C.] are selectable
    • BXS-R: Solid-state switch, 10 V DC 0.01 A max. [Individual;Right or General], [N.O. or N.C.] are selectable
  • Trouble Output:
    • BXS-ST: Not Available
    • BXS-R: Solid-state switch, 10 V DC 0.01 A max.[N.O. or N.C.] is selectable
  • Tamper Output:
    • BXS-ST: N.C. 28 VDC 0.1 A max. Open when either the face cover, main or base unit is removed
    • BXS-R: Tamper output is shared with trouble output.
  • LED indicator (DIP switch ON or Walk test): Red LED; 1. Warm-Up, 2. Alarm
  • Operation Temperature:
    • BXS-ST: -22°F to +140°F (-30 °C to +60 °C)
    • BXS-R: -22°F to +140°F (-30 °C to +60 °C), except batteries
  • Environment Humidity: 95% max.
  • International Protection: IP 55
  • Mounting: Wall, Pole (Outdoor, Indoor)
  • Mounting Height: 0.8 to 1.2 m (2'7" to 4')
  • Weight:
    • BXS-ST: 430 g (15.2 oz.)
    • BXS-R: 550 g (19.4 oz.)
  • Accessories:
    • BXS-ST: Screw (4 x 20 mm) x 2
    • BXS-R: Connector for POWER and ALARM (R), Connector for ALARM (L), Connector for TROUBLE, Velcro tape, Mounting screw (4 x 20 mm) x 2