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Open Sesame Keychain Transmitter


Usually ships in 1-2 days.


WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –



Open Sesame Controller for One Door

The Open Sesame Keychain Transmitter gives you control of one Open Sesame controlled door. Its small size allows storage in a purse or chairside pouch.

  • Size: 2.5" x 1.375" x 0.5"

NOTE: The current Open Sesame system communicates on a wireless 433MHz frequency (previous models used 390MHz or 315MHz frequencies). If you are purchasing a new system, then all your devices will work together. However, if you are expanding an existing system, please let us know the frequency so we can get you the right accessory.

Complete Independence with Open Sesame

Open Sesame door openers provide an ideal way to create automated doors. Designed to deliver complete remote operation, Open Sesame door systems can unlock the door and open it, pause the door so you can pass through, and then close the door behind you. Your door opening wishes are Open Sesame’s command.