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Napco Gemini P1664 Security System Kit with GEM-K1VPS Talking Keypad


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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov


Start Building Your Napco Gemini Security System

The Napco Gemini P1664 Security System Kit with GEM-K1VPS Talking Keypad includes the P1664 control panel in an enclosure, a talking keypad with built-in expansion, and the required power supply. Together, these components provide a solid starter kit for your new Napco Gemini security system.

  • Supports up to 64 users, 7 keypads, and 400 logged events
  • Supports 8 hybrid (wired/wireless) zones and 16 EOL zones
  • Intuitive setup via EZ programming at keypad
  • Fire, police and auxiliary programmable panic keys

Advanced Gemini Security Control Panel

The P1664 Security Panel offers a strong foundation for a Napco security system, with programmable partitioning for up to four different locations, as well as support for up to 64 EOL zones. This control panel also accommodates two Napco helically-filtered, crystal-control RF receivers and works with all Gemini crystal-control devices.

Advanced Functionality

  • Programmable 50Hz Clock Setting
  • Programmable Daylight Savings Time
  • Programmable Security Bypass
  • 24-Hour Day Zone Trouble

The P1664 also features temperature display at the keypad (-30 to 60 degrees C or -22 to 140 degrees F), and allows you to connect optional temperature sensors (sold separately). You can enable programmable high/low temperature alarm reporting to help you maintain appropriate temperature levels in the surrounding environment.

Talking Keypad with Expansion Module

The Napco Gemini GEM-K1VPS Talking Keypad includes an array of advanced features that add functionality to your Gemini security system. With the keypad’s built-in PIR motion sensor, you can monitor your living area without purchasing a separate sensor. The keypad also includes a built-in siren to automatically alert you and your family when the system is triggered. And finally, this Talking Keypad offers voice prompts with adjustable volume, providing simple programming and operation.

  • Talking voice prompts with adjustable volume
  • Built-in 4-zone expansion module
  • Built-in 88db burg/fire alarm siren (temporary hush mode)
  • Built-in wide-angle pet-immune PIR and smart occupancy sensor
  • Log viewing and optional temperature display

With EZ Keypad Programming, you can easily configure the keypad to work with your security panel. Each of the large soft-touch backlit keys includes a programmable touch-tone feature to provide audible feedback with a button is pressed. The keypad also offers three programmable keypad panic keys (F, P, A) for fire, police or an auxiliary device.


  • P1664 Control Panel
  • Talking Keypad (GEM-K1VPS)
  • Enclosure
  • Power Supply

Gemini Wireless: Proven To Outperform The Competition

Napco’s crystal-control Gemini wireless products have been proven by an independent testing laboratory to outperform competitive products, with long-range RF reliability, as much as 50% higher than other brands. Gemini’s uncommon crystal-control precision and omnidirectional circuitry, ensures the wireless/hardwire systems you provide your customers will dependably deliver the security and trouble-free, peace-of-mind they deserve for many years to come. All Gemini panels and receivers seamlessly support the full line of Gemini transmitters and virtually all panels, keypads, receivers and peripherals are compatible with each other and work the same, model to model.


Product Features

Control Panel

  • 8 Hardwire/Wireless Zones on board
  • Up to 64 zones with multiplex expansion including two 2-wire fire zones
  • With multiplexing, can accommodate up to 64 EOL zones (from custom alpha keypads or multiplex modules)
  • EZ Programming2 – More comprehensive, menu-driven programming for all zones plus test timer.
  • Three on-board relay outputs, up to 16 external relay outputs (RM3008s).
  • Up to two Napco helically-filtered, crystal-control RF receivers
  • Interior bypass group with programmable automatic interior bypass
  • Uses up to 7 of any of the Classic/RP-, K-Series or DK-Door Style Stay and Away keypads
  • Programmable telephone line cut supervision with delay
  • Three keypad panics (F, P, A)
  • Supports all major communicator formats, including: 4/2, SIA, 4+2 and Point ID, plus pager
  • Backup/double/split reporting; three 20-digit telephone numbers
  • Dynamic battery test
  • Reports alarms, restores and troubles by zone.
  • 2 programmable entry delay times
  • Chime by zone
  • 8 EOL burglary zones programmable for area, E/E delay, interior, follower, day zone, chime, fire options, sensor watch, swinger shutdown, cross zoning, etc.
  • Multiplex expandability with GEM EZM4/8 or GEM EZM8 zone expansion modules
  • Quickloader up/downloading, including unique unattended method
  • Choice of RF receivers
  • Partitioning by area
  • Event log with open/close suppression
  • Event log viewable at keypad (total log, burglar alarm log, fire alarm log, system trouble log, o/c log)
  • Cell phone-style keypad programming of zone descriptions (text)
  • Un-bypassing while disarmed (code required)
  • Programmable Swinger Shutdown (2 or 3 activations – selectable)
  • Zone Anding/Cross Zoning (Grouping of zones in which sequential zone activation is required to generate an alarm)

Technical Details

  • Input Power: 16.5-18.0 VAC via Class 2 Plug-In 20VA, 40VA or 50VA Transformer
  • Loop Current: 3mA; 5mA for 2-wire smoke-detector zones
  • Loop Resistance: 300 Ohm max.; 50 Ohm for 2-wire smoke detector zones
  • Alarm Voltage Output: 1; Programmable Negative
  • Outputs: 2
  • Auxiliary Power Output: 11.7-12.5 VDC
  • Remote Power Output: 12 VDC regulated
  • UL Listings and Compliances:
    • Household Burglar Alarm System Units: UL1023
    • Household Fire Warning System Units: UL985
    • Security Industry Association (SIA) False Alarm Reduction
    • Standard CP-01

Keypad Specifications

  • PIR Sensor Range: 25 feet