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Global Caché IR Converter Cable, GC100 to IR Distribution


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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –


Add IR Distribution To GC-100 Network Adapter

The Global Caché GC-CGX Converter translates GC-100 Network Adapter IR outputs to Xantech, Niles and SpeakerCraft IR inputs. With the GC-CGX, GC-100 IR commands can be transmitted over third party IR distribution systems. Simply plug the GC-CGX into the desired GC-100 IR output and plug the other end into the IR input (receiver) of an IR distribution box, such as the Xantech 789-44 Connecting Block.

The GC-CGX is optically isolated to avoid noise and ground loop issues found when systems are powered by multiple sources. When properly connected, the GC-100 IR outputs will operate and function as if the commands were sent by the third party device. When used with a GC-100, the GC-CGX requires no power supply and supports an IR frequency range from 30 KHz to 500 KHz; third party devices typically do not exceed 120 KHz. Do NOT use extension cables between the GC-100 and GC-CGX; this would cause high-frequency degradation. Also, when using an extension cable between the GC-CGX and the distribution box, it should not exceed 12 feet for frequencies above 100 KHz.

If no 3.5 mm jack is available on the third party device, cut the CGX cable a few inches from end of the plug (not the GC-100 side.)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Global Caché products are not available to ship outside the U.S. Please contact Global Caché directly for international orders.

Simply Connect With Global Caché

The Global Caché family of connectivity products provides choices for the industry professional and the consumer – significantly reducing costs and providing a scalable platform for today and the future. Global Caché's belief in open systems and the evolution of the automation market is being played out today, since cost-effective PC-based and phone-based control applications are now becoming widely available. iTach devices, Network Adapters, and other Global Caché connectivity products have radically changed the automation dynamic. These products are engineered to integrate easily into any control environment, even high-end proprietary systems, providing a path to open systems and better competitive leverage.


  • Power Input: 9 to 18V DC@300mA (wall power adapter included)
  • LED Indicators: Power, network activity, link status, IR transmission, sensor input status, GC-100 visual ID
  • Setup: Integrated web server allows for easy browser based configuration; Downloadable iLearn (free from Global Cache) software allows for the capture and storage of IR commands for control uses with the GC-IR Learner
  • Warranty: Two year limited warranty

Network Interface:

  • 10 Mbps Ethernet Protocol
  • Connector: RJ45
  • Standards: TCP, DHCP, HTTP

Serial Interface:

  • Connector: Male DB9
  • Data Rates: 1200 baud to 57.6 Kbaud
  • Parity: odd, even, none
  • Flow control: bi-directional hardware RTS/CTS
  • IR input: utilizing a GC-IRE and GC-RG1, IR commands are received via RS232 port

IR and Sensor Interface:

  • Selectable IR outputs or sensor inputs per port
  • IR emitter supplied for each IR port
  • GC-BL2 IR Blaster support
  • Connector: 3.5mm stereo jack
  • IR input: IR commands received via RS232 port utilizing GC-IRE and GC-RG1

Relay Interface:

  • 3 Integrated Contact Closure Relays with transient voltage suppression
  • Screw terminal 24V AC/DC@.5A N.O. contact
  • Allows for control and monitoring of in-line, low voltage wiring
  • Possibilities include: pools/spas, garage doors, irrigation, etc...
  • Certifications: FCC (Part 15, Class B), C-tick, CE; RoHs compliant