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ELK Dual-Path Alarm Communicator, Verizon LTE Network


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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –


DEALER ONLY ITEM: Not Available Directly to End Users.

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Ensure Reliable Communications For Elk M1 Security

Back up or replace communications to your Elk M1 central monitoring security station by using traditional phone lines with the Elk Dual-Path Alarm Communicator (Verizon LTE). Designed to connect directly to any M1 Control Panel (sold separately), the communicator ensures alarm signals are delivered via fast, reliable communications over both IP and cellular network pathways. This dual transmission technology allows your system to automatically choose the best pathway at the time for the fastest communication possible. The communicator also gives you remote web access to your M1 system, as well as the option to receive email and text message alerts for arm, disarm, and alarm events.

  • Dual reporting network pathways (IP and cellular) for reliability
  • Auto-directs signals to fastest network pathway available
  • Enables remote web access and email/text alerts with Elk M1 system
  • No fees required, includes Telguard Online service
  • Free mobile app for iOS and Android devices

Enables Remote Access & Mobile System Alerts

The Elk Dual-Path Alarm Communicator (Verizon LTE) supports remote access to the ELK M1 system for both installers and end users, with no port forwarding or extra fees. Users can access their system through either the online ElkLink Customer Portal or the free ElkLink mobile app for iOS and Android devices. Both services allow you to remotely arm/disarm your M1 system, view system status, event history, and set up email and text alerts.

Additionally, installers can log into the ElkLink Installer Portal to easily activate and manage various communicators, as well as remotely program the M1 control over the IP or cellular networks The online portal provides convenient management tools and up-to-date activity information.

Free Cellular Service Included by Telguard Online

Unlike some backup communicators that require you to sign up for a paid cellular service plan, the Elk Dual-Path Alarm Communicator (Verizon LTE) communicates through Verizon cellular networks using cellular service provided by a cooperative partnership between Elk and Telguard Online. Activation and setup are handled through the Telguard Online website. (Installing dealers will need an online account for both the Telguard Online and ElkLink websites. Existing Telguard Installing Dealers can use the same account and login credentials they already have.)

The communicator automatically periodically tests signal strengths by sending signals over both the IP and cellular pathways. This helps maintain reliable communications for the overall system, and provides automatic, real-time reports of any pathway outage.

Installation Details

The communicator mounts inside the 14" or 28" ELK M1 metal enclosures (ELK-SWB14 or ELK-SWB28, sold separately) along with the M1 control panel. The enclosure provides an opening for the cellular antenna, as well as a screw hole and zip-tie basket handle for mounting the communicator.

To enable IP communications, the installer will need to connect the communicator to the home's Internet router using a Cat5/6 network cable (sold separately). An optional USB port (type "B" mini) is conveniently available on the communicator for connection of a local PC. This allows ElkRP software to be used for local programming of the M1 Control.

Optional accessories (sold separately) include a USB cable for the optional PC connection, and a more robust antenna for areas where cellular reception is limited.


  • Dual-Path Alarm Communicator, Verizon LTE
  • Dipole Screw-On Stubby Antenna
  • 4-Position Plug-In Terminal Block
  • Mini Serial Cable, RS232 9-pin to 3-pin, 36 inches
  • Instruction Manual

NOTE: Requires a compatible ELK M1 control panel, an Internet router, and a network cable, all sold separately. Must be mounted in an M1 enclosure, also sold separately, to meet UL requirements.

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Product Features

  • Support for eKeypad and M1 Touch Pro Apps
  • Supports Elk RP2 programming upload/download
  • No dial capture, data bus decoding, or cloud servers
  • Communicates over Verizon LTE cellular networks

Technical Details

  • Manufacturer Part #: ELK-C1M1LTEV
  • Compatibility: Supports Verizon LTE cellular networks
  • Frequencies Supported: 850/1900MHz
  • Operating Voltage: 12 VDC
  • Standby Current: 85mA
  • Max Operating Current: 230 mA
  • Supplied Antenna: Dipole screw-on
  • Connections:
    • Power and I/O: 4 position plug-in terminals
    • LAN (Local Area Net): RJ45 10/100 Receptacle
    • RS232 Input Port: 3 pin mini plug-in
    • USB Serial Port: Type "B" USB Mini
  • Operating Environment: Indoor Use Only
  • Operating Temperature: 32° to 120°F (0° to 49°C)
  • Operating Humidity: 0 to 85 percent humidity (non-condensing)
  • Dimensions: 3.5 x 5.4 x 1.3 inches
  • FIPS 197 Compliant: Certificate No. 3352
  • Approvals: FCC, IC
  • Warranty: 2 Years