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ELK Wireless Ready M1 Gold Kit with Enclosure & M1KP2 Keypad


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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –


Start With A Strong Foundation For Your Security System

Are you ready to install a robust wireless security system? Start off with the Elk Wireless Ready M1 Gold Kit. This kit provides everything you need for a strong security foundation, including the main control board, a keypad, a keychain remote, a siren, and the appropriate power supplies and accessories. Once the kit is set up, you just add security sensors!

  • Add wired and/or wireless security sensors
  • Receive in-home voice alerts and/or phone calls
  • Remotely arm/disarm the system and trigger panic alarms
  • Enclosure neatly houses controller and peripherals

In addition to security devices, the kit includes a 14.25-inch square enclosure for housing the control board and peripherals. With its flexible hole pattern, the enclosure allows you to mix and match products from a variety of manufacturers. It also features a hinged, lockable cover, as well as a knockout for standard AC power.

M1 Gold Control Board

When triggered, the controller sends you customized status alerts through system speakers (indoor speaker included) or your phone. These alerts are created from M1 Gold's 500+ word vocabulary, which also provides voice prompts for built-in telephone remote control.

Controller Features:

  • 16 on-board zones expandable to 208
  • Two-way listen-in interface
  • RS-232 serial port to interface with computers and peripheral devices
  • Time/date stamped 512 event history log
  • Menu driven, full text keypad programming – no user manual necessary!
  • Voice announcement of alarms, zone descriptions, status, etc.
  • 500+ word/phrase vocabulary
  • Link up to 6 words/phrases per announcement
  • 10 custom recordable word/phrases
  • 13 on-board outputs: 1 voice/siren, 1 siren driver, 1 form "C" relay and 10 low current (50mA) outputs
  • Can be partitioned into 8 separate areas and account numbers
  • 199 user codes (4 or 6 digit) with assignable authority levels
  • 6 arm levels: Away, Stay, Stay Instant, Nite, Nite Instant, Vacation

Echo Interior Speaker

The speaker mounts in your home to deliver voice alerts produced by the controller. The plastic enclosure is designed to blend into your decor and can even be painted. Once mounted, sound echoes off the mounting surface to create loud alerts. The speaker mounts to any flat surface or single-gang "J" box.

  • 20 Watt, 8 Ohm speaker
  • Pre-wired for easy Installation
  • Mounting hardware included

LCD Keypad

The wall-mount LCD keypad is your main control point for the security system. It features a 32-character backlit display and blue lighted keys. It can be surface-mounted on a wall or 'flush' mounted in the wall using a back box kit (ELK-M1BBK2, sold separately).

M1 Two-Way Wireless Transceiver

The transceiver connects to the M1 Gold Control Board via the 4-wire RS-485 Data Bus, enabling wireless communication for the controller. It supports up to 144 wireless zones (individual sensors or groups). Multiple receivers (sold separately) may be added for increased coverage. Firmware updates are stored in the transceiver's flash memory.

4-Button Keyfobs

Use these two wireless keychain remotes to arm/disarm the security system, check system status, and trigger a panic alarm. Both remotes also feature an LED indicator to provide wireless feedback from the controller.

Security System Accessories

The included telco jack and cord connect the security system to your phone line, enabling automatic phone calls when alarms are triggered. The jack and cord come with a telephone surge protector, which prevents damage to the security system in case lightning or voltage spikes hit the phone line. Power supplies for the security system are also included in this kit.

Kit Includes

  • M1 Gold Control Board (M1GCB)
  • Two-Way Wireless Transceiver (M1XRFTW)
  • Two-Way Wireless 4 Button Keyfob (6010)
  • LCD Keypad (M1KP2)
  • Echo Paintable Interior Speaker (73)
  • Enclosure (SWB14)
  • In-line Telephone Surge Protector (952)
  • Telco Jack and Cord (RJSET)
  • 8Ah Battery (1280)
  • AC Transformer (TRG1640)

Premium Products For Security & Automation

Elk Products designs and manufactures quality electronic equipment for the professional security alarm and home automation installer. Our products include siren drivers, speakers, relays, timers, programmable controls, surge suppressors, telephone equipment, amplifiers, recordable units, batteries and more.


Technical Details

  • Manufacturer Part #: ELK-M1GSYS4STW
  • UPC: 762158160264
  • Warranty: 2 Year

M1 Gold Control Board (M1GCB)

  • Power Supply: Heavy Duty – 2.5 Amp power supply w/ 1 Amp continuous
  • Large Zone Capacity: 16 on-board zones expandable to 208
  • Wireless Capability: Up to 144 zones
  • User Codes: 199 (4 or 6 digit) with assignable authority levels
  • Arm Levels: Away, Stay, Stay Instant, Nite, Nite Instant, Vacation
  • Digital Communicator Formats: SIA, Contact ID, 4+2 and Pager

Two-Way Wireless Transceiver (M1XRFTW)

  • Operating Frequency: 902 to 928 Mhz
  • Sensitivity: >105 dbm
  • Operating Temperature: 0 to 120° F
  • Operating Voltage: 12VDC
  • Current Draw: 25mA receiving, 85mA transmitting
  • Housing Dimensions: 6.75 x 4.69 x 1.13 inches

Two-Way Wireless 4 Button Keyfob (6010)

  • Operating Frequency: 902 to 928 Mhz, frequency hopping
  • Battery: Permanent, non replaceable battery
  • Battery Life: 5 years
  • Size: 1.37(W) x 2.44(L) x 0.52(D) inches

LCD Keypad (M1KP2)

  • Connection: 6 Pin Plug-in "Flying Lead" Connector (Included)
  • Color: White
  • Operating Voltage: 13.8 VDC
  • Current Draw:
    • Idle: ~30 mA (low back light level, sounder silent)
    • Fully Active: ~85mA (max. back light and sounder active)
  • Size: 4.658(W) x 5.5(H) x 0.95(D) inches (0.375-inch depth with recess mount)

Enclosure (SWB14)

  • Overall Box: 14.25(W) x 14.25(H) x 3.5(D) inches
  • Metal Gauge: 18 gauge

8Ah Battery (1280)

  • Nominal Voltage: 12 Volts
  • Rated Capacity: 8 AH (20 hour rate)
  • Size: 3.74(H) x 2.56(W) x 5.94(L) inches (95 x 65 x 151 mm)
  • Total Height: 3.98 inches (101 mm)
  • Terminals: F1-Faston Tab No. 187

AC Transformer (TRG1640)

  • Input Voltage: 120VAC, 60Hz, 0.43W
  • Output Voltage: 16.5 VAC
  • Output Power: 45 VA
  • Size: 4.14(H) x 2.74(W) x 2.2(D) inches (105 x 70 x 56 mm)
  • Color: White

Echo Paintable Interior Speaker (73)

  • Impedance: 8 Ohms
  • Rating: 20 Watts Nominal
  • Frequency Response: 500 to 7000 Hz
  • Size: 4.56(H) x 4.3(W) x 1.875(D) inches
  • Warranty: Lifetime Limited

In-line Telephone Surge Protector (952)

  • Response Time: <1 nanosecond
  • Max. Signal Voltage: 250V (peak)
  • Breakdown Voltage: 280V (nominal)
  • Max ’Peak’ Pulse Current: 100 Amps
  • Warranty: One Year Limited