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Cool Components SlimSix Vent System with Grill (Configured for Exhaust)


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$160.00 to $169.50

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov


Cool Things Come In Slim Packages

The Cool Components SlimSix Vent System offers a versatile solution for exhausting hot air in various audio video system applications, by moving air from the back of the unit to the front. Its narrow design provides for installations in cabinet applications, closet doors, or any place where standard cooling products will not fit or where a sleeker look is desired. To add to the design, the quiet cabinet cooling fans are compatible with our existing passive grills with options ranging from decorative plastic to real wood versions capable of pleasing even the most discriminating clients.

Constructed of heavy-gauge steel, it contains 6 ultra-quiet, brushless Magnetic Levitation DC fans that silently move up to 60cfm of air. The quiet cabinet cooling fans provide for vertical or horizontal mounting, do not create unwanted electrical system noise like other fans on the market and utilize a custom mounting solution. Cool Components was the first to introduce the custom fan mounting solution which eliminates noise caused by fan vibration. The mounts also facilitate easily changing the direction of air flow to provide maximum flexibility. Powered by an adjustable voltage Universal Power Supply, the fans can be run silently or more aggressively depending on the application. Additionally, the SlimSix System is compatible with all Cool Components temperature controllers for automated fan control.

The SlimSix System from Cool Components offers extreme versatility and great value for the custom installer. The quality construction and innovative features coupled with the available grill and fan automation options make these quiet cabinet cooling fans the obvious choice for many applications.

  • Professionally Engineered To Quietly & Aggressively Cool in a Variety of Applications
  • Extreme versatility – Can be Used in Toe Kicks, Closet Doors, and Cabinets
  • Specialty Fans: Six Specially Manufactured 50mm Levitation Fans (Brushless & Vapo Bearings) for Longer Life
  • Fans Mounted Using Specialty Mounting System to Absorb Fan Vibration for Quieter Operation
  • Compatible with temperature controllers

Recommended Uses:

  • Install in bottom back of cabinet and open up toe kick to draw air directly into the cabinet
  • Top of cabinet behind TV or in built-in cabinet/shelf units
  • Top or bottom of panel door (for equipment closets) – narrow design will not interfere with panels
  • Side of Cabinet – just as an aesthetic option to other products

Available Color: White, Maple, Oak, Teak or Black

Cool Components Ventilation Products

Ventilation products help protect entire systems by dispersing the accumulation of heat generated by systems as a whole. Cooling products should be used within the system to cool and protect individual components. By using both Cooling and Ventilation Products, systems are fully protected from the heat generated by and accumulated by components.


  • Dimension: L – 15.5" x H – 2.5" x D 1.75"
  • Construction: Heavy Gauge Steel (Painted Black)
  • Cooling System: 6 Brushless 50mm Fans w/Specialty Bearings (Est. 50,000hr)
  • Air Flow: 35CFM to 66CFM
  • Noise: Silent to 28dB (dependent on settings)
  • Warranty: 3 Year


  • Includes PS-300 Power Supply
  • Power: 2-Pin FastWire Power System (Ensure Proper Polarity – Tip to +)
  • Voltage: 7-9V DC for Normal Operation, 9-12V for More Aggressive Cooling
  • Current: 300 milliamps at 12V DC