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A&D LifeSource Premier Talking Blood Pressure Monitor


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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –


Audible Instructions & Readings

Perfect for anyone with vision challenges, or those who simply appreciate talking devices, the A&D LifeSource Premier Talking Blood Pressure Monitor guides you through your blood pressure measurements and announces readings in a clear, human voice. All spoken readings and instructions are available in English, Spanish, or French. Home Controls also offers an A&D LifeSource Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor.

  • Human voice reads out instructions and measurements
  • TriCheck Measurement takes three readings and displays average
  • Stores up to 90 readings in built-in memory
  • Alerts you to the presence of an irregular heartbeat
  • Includes Medium size arm cuff (other sizes available)

Designed to comply with the American Heart Association's most recent recommendations, the LifeSource Premier Talking Blood Pressure Monitor features a TriCheck measurement option that allows you to take three consecutive blood pressure readings, and then receive the average, automatically calculated and displayed on-screen. And if you want to speed up readings, you can either preset pressure levels or set them to automatic.

The LifeSource blood pressure monitor provides a simultaneous readout of blood pressure and pulse rate and stores your last 90 readings in its built-in memory. The monitor also has a unique Irregular Heartbeat feature that alerts you to the presence of an irregular heartbeat during reading. The LifeSource blood pressure monitor provides blood pressure and pulse rate measurements even when an irregular heartbeat occurs.

  • SmoothFit Cuff: The seamless conforming cuff takes the pain out of monitoring.
  • Pressure Rating Indicator: Provides a snapshot of your blood pressure classification according to the US JNC7 and WHO guidelines.
  • Irregular Heartbeat Detection: Alerts you to an irregular heartbeat while still providing an accurate reading.
  • Advanced Warning System: Alerts you to the most common problems while monitoring, and helps you avoid them.
  • Triple A Technology: Advanced cuff design, advanced inflation and advanced deflation (Triple A) translates to faster, more accurate and more comfortable readings.

How It Works

LifeSource blood pressure monitors are easy to use, accurate and digitally display full measurement readouts. The technology is based on the oscillo-metric method – a noninvasive blood pressure determination. The term "oscillation" refers to any measure of vibrations caused by the arterial pulse. This monitor examines the pulsatile pressure generated by the arterial wall as it expands and contracts against the cuff with each heartbeat.

The talking blood pressure cuff is inflated until the artery is fully blocked. The inflation speed is maximized and the pressure level is optimized by the device. The monitor takes measurements while the cuff is both inflating and deflating. This results in a faster measurement providing greater comfort to the user.

Industry-Standard Measurements

Blood pressure measurements determined with this talking blood pressure cuff are equivalent to those obtained by a trained observer using the cuff/stethoscope auscultation method within the limits prescribed by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI/AAMI SP10) for electronic sphygmomanometers.

Monitor Setup

The Premier Talking Blood Pressure Monitor is powered by the included batteries or plug-in power adapter. This talking blood pressure cuff also comes with a Medium size arm cuff, designed to fit upper arms measuring 9 to 14.6 inches around. Small and Large talking blood pressure cuffs are available separately.


  • Talking Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Arm Cuff, Size Medium
  • Air Hose
  • Storage Case
  • AC Adapter
  • (4) AA Batteries
  • Quick Start Card
  • Instruction Manual

A&D Telemedicine Sensors

A&D has established a global market leadership position in serving the healthcare industry. A&D's foundation of providing oscillometric blood pressure monitors for both professional and home use since 1980 provided a solid foundation for development of this next generation line of products. A&D's telemedicine product line was introduced in 1995 in response to a growing demand in the research sector for telemedicine solutions. At that time, leading Japanese electronics companies turned to A&D due to our solid reputation as a specialist in innovative, high quality blood pressure monitoring solutions.

Since then, A&D is recognized as the supplier of choice for the development of telemedicine sensors in partnership with medical research and commercial companies worldwide.


  • Manufacturer Part #: UA-1030T
  • Dimensions: 5.5(W) x 4.1(L) x 2.4(H) inches (140 x 105 x 60mm)
  • Weight: 10.6 ounces (300g) without batteries
  • Display: Digital, 20/10-mm character height. Pressure/pulse displayed simultaneously
  • Memory: 90 readings
  • Pressurization: Automatic, using micropump
  • Deflation: Constant air release valve system
  • Type: Oscillometric
  • Accuracy:
    • Pressure: ±3 mmHg or ±2 percent, whichever is greater
    • Pulse: ±5 percent
  • Pressure Range:
    • Pressure: 0 mmHg to 299 mmHg
    • Pulse: 40 pulses to 180 pulses
  • Power Source: 4 type AA (1.5 volt) alkaline batteries or 120V AC Adapter (TB:233)
  • Operating Environment: 50° to 100° F (10° to 40° C). < 85 percent relative humidity
  • Storage Environment: -4° to 140° F (-20° to 60° C). < 95 percent relative humidity
  • Warranty: 5 Year Limited