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ABB-Welcome Keypad Module

SKU: ABBM251021Kx

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$341.95 to $368.95

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –


Outdoor Station Module for ABB Door Entry Systems

Ideal for an ABB Door Entry System that incorporates numerous residences or offices, the ABB Keypad Module installs in a custom outdoor station to let you attach a calling code and/or a calling name to each indoor station or each entire residence/office in the system. This allows a visitor to easily call the precise location desired. They can either enter a known calling code, or search through your directory of names (Display Module required, sold separately) to find the person/location they need to call.

  • Initiates calls to indoor stations in the ABB Door Entry System
  • Optionally works with Display Module to support names
  • Enter calling code or choose name in menu to initiate call
  • Stores up to 3,000 names in built-in memory
  • Backlight ensures clear visibility at night
  • Supports universal or individual password(s) for directory/call access
  • Installs into an ABB Flush Mounted Box with an audio module

To initiate a call through the keypad, a visitor will first need to enter a password if you have set a password (optional). Passwords can be either universal/public or customized for individuals (supports up to 6,000). If a visitor repeatedly enters an incorrect password, the keypad will lock.

Upon entering a correct password, the visitor can begin to initiate a call by either entering a calling code or choosing the desired name to call (Display Module required for name use). A name can be chosen either by inputting letters of the name or by searching through the directory and choosing a name.

The keypad may be programmed to initiate the call either automatically once a code/name is entered, or manually by pressing the (1) button after entering the code/name.

The keypad has 16 buttons total, including:

  • (10) Numbered/Lettered Buttons (0-9, A-Z)
  • (2) Arrow Buttons (Up, Down)
  • (1) Pound Sign (#) with Enter Arrow
  • (1) Star Sign (*) with Backspace Arrow
  • (1) Telephone Button
  • (1) Attendant Button

When a visitor initiates a call to an indoor station, one of the three status LEDs on your Audio Module (sold separately, required) indicates whether the call is successfully made or the system is busy. If the call is successful, the call LED illuminates. A second LED illuminates when communication is possible, and the third LED illuminates if the resident has remotely unlocked a connected door for the visitor to enter.

Installation Details

As an outdoor station module, the ABB Keypad Module connects to the System Controller (sold separately) using two wires, and installs into an ABB Flush Mounted Box (sold separately) at the size of your choosing. The module should be combined with at least an audio module (sold separately) in a multi-gang box. If use of names is desired, a Display Module (sold separately) is also required. Once your box size is chosen, a same-size ABB Aluminum Faceplate is required to finish the custom-built outdoor station.

After the module is wired into the Door Entry System, it simply snaps into the box, and the faceplate snaps over it onto the box. The box can be flush- or surface-mounted with accessories.

When using names with the module, your name directory may be downloaded from a PC or directly entered through your PC's keyboard.

NOTE: Requires 2-wire connection to a System Controller, sold separately. Installation hardware not included.

About the ABB Door Entry System

Also known as the "Welcome" system, the Door Entry System is a first-of-its-kind modular intercom and access control system that offers one flexible solution for any intercom and entry security application. Customizable, nearly endlessly scalable, and easy to install, the system is perfect for any building, from a small single-family home to a huge residential complex.

System Features:

  • Complete intercom and access control solution for any building
  • One system supports up to 60 buildings and 250 stations per building
  • Connections require only 2 wires for ultra-flexible installations
  • Standard range up to 1,968 feet (600 m), extends with power boosters
  • Free mobile apps for iOS and Android provide remote intercom access
  • No fees required to enable Internet connection – ABB provides servers

Station Features:

  • Modular outdoor stations allow easy customization and repairs
  • Pre-assembled outdoor stations facilitate quick installation for standard applications
  • Optionally install ABB indoor stations and/or use mobile devices as indoor stations
  • Indoor stations optionally support door strike release for remote unlocking
  • Optionally select indoor stations with built-in induction loops for hearing aid users

How to Build Your System

Every ABB Door Entry System needs at least two components: a System Controller (either standard or mini) and an Audio Module (any variation). With these two foundational components, the system can be expanded and customized as needed. Additional system components may include:

  • Custom Modular Outdoor Stations
    • Audio Module (speaker/mic, with or without pushbuttons)
    • Pushbutton Module (with or without built-in card reader)
    • Keypad Module (with or without built-in card reader)
    • Display Module with Built-In Card Reader
    • Camera Module
    • Nameplate Module
  • Pre-Assembled Outdoor Stations
  • Hands-Free Indoor Stations (with or without video screen and/or induction loop)
  • Handset Indoor Stations (with or without video screen and/or induction loop)
  • Guard Unit (specialized station for security monitoring)
  • Mobile Devices (requires Telephone Gateway and/or IP Gateway)
  • Telephone Gateway (for integrating mobile or landline phones)
  • IP Gateway (for enabling remote Internet access)
  • Switch Actuator (for relay control)
  • Camera Interface (for connecting third-party analog cameras)
  • Elevator Lift Control Relay Module (for elevator/floor access control)

Other accessories are also available for installation and connection. Most notably, in order to build a custom modular outdoor station, you will need to select the modules you wish to include in the station, and then match the number of modules to the appropriate size Flush-Mounted Box and Faceplate. (Flush-mounted boxes support optional surface-mounting in addition to flush-mounting. When surface-mounting, a Rain Hood is also required; only optional when surface-mounting.) The screwless, snap-on design of both outdoor and indoor stations makes installation a breeze.

Easy Planning with ABB Configurator

ABB: Power & Productivity for a Better World

ABB (ASEA Brown Boveri), officially branded the ABB Group, is one of the most expansive engineering corporations in the world. From its hometown in Zurich, Switzerland, this Swedish-Swiss power and automation manufacturer spans across ~100 countries, bringing its technology to every corner of the globe. With history harking back to the 1880's, ABB is a renowned behemoth of cutting-edge development. Create a better world in your own corner of the world with products by ABB.


Product Features

  • Calling code can be numbers only or combination of numbers and letters
  • Allows public password and up to 6,000 customized passwords
  • Repeatedly inputting wrong password locks keypad
  • Password can be set with 3-8 digits
  • Calling code can be set with 1-6 digits

Technical Details

  • Manufacturer Part #:
    • Aluminum: M251021K-A
    • Stainless Steel: M251021K-S
  • Operating Temperature: -40° to 158°F (-40° to 70°C)
  • Protection: Waterproof: IP54; Vandal-proof: IK 07
  • Bus Voltage: 20-30VDC
  • Dimensions: 2.83 x 3.82 x 1.22 inches
  • Warranty: 2 Years

System Capacity

  • 9 Guard Units per System
  • 60 Buildings per System
  • 250 Indoor Stations per Building
  • 9 Outdoor Stations per Building (including gate and other outdoor stations)
  • 2 Locks per Outdoor Station