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WaterCop Water Shut-Off Valve, Lead Free


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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –


A Main Component To The WaterCop Flood Prevention System

Seal your main water line when leaks emerge from your plumbing system with the WaterCop Water Shut-Off Valve, Lead Free. This ball valve is an essential component of the WaterCop Shut-Off system and connects directly with a WaterCop Actuator Motor (sold separately) to close and open your main water line. When a paired WaterCop flood sensor, Water Control Switch, or smart security system notifies the WaterCop Actuator Motor of a detected leak, the WaterCop Motor will close the Shut-off Valve.

  • WaterCop shut-off valve installs on your indoor main water supply line
  • Requires a WaterCop Actuator Motor (sold separately) to automatically open/close
  • Can be installed at any stage of construction or easily retrofitted to existing plumbing
  • NSF 61 rated valve and complies with Uniform Plumbing Code

About the WaterCop System

The WaterCop System provides your home with round-the-clock indoor leak and flood detection and protection. The system consists of wired and wireless flood sensors, On/Off control switches, and a main control device consisting of an actuator motor and ball valve mounted on your main water line that all work together to detect leaks from your plumbing system or excessive water in selected areas and automatically shut off the water supply to help reduce and/or minimize the chances of major water damage. A WaterCop automatic water shut-off valve system is compatible with most home security and home automation systems via ethernet connection.

WaterCop System Components

A complete WaterCop System is comprised of three essential components:

  • A WaterCop Electric Actuator Motor that receives wireless signals from paired flood sensors to automatically seal the main water line
  • A ball valve that mounts onto your main water line and connects to the WaterCop Motor to seal your water supply
  • Wireless or wired flood sensors which detect water and transmit alert signals to the WaterCop to turn off your water supply

Installation Details

The WaterCop Shut-off Valve installs on your indoor main water supply line. The WaterCop Electric Actuator Motor (sold separately) automatically turns off the water valve when activated by a wireless water or temperature sensor, a remote soft touch switch, or most security or home automation systems.


  • All WaterCop brass valves comply with published NSF61 standards which restrict lead and other metal contaminants to safe levels for drinking water systems; the lead-free valves are approved for sale in all U.S. States, and comply with California AB1953 and Vermont S.152 laws.

Stop Damaging Water Leaks...

Flood damage and losses related to plumbing problems can lead to higher home insurance costs and possibly the loss of affordable coverage altogether. The WaterCop system, when properly installed and maintained, offers a proven method to effectively reduce the chance of catastrophic plumbing related flooding. WaterCop automatic water shut-off systems automatically turn off the water when a leak has been detected. WaterCop Systems are activated by flood sensors, an optional remote switch, and work with various home security systems. Maintain a smarter home and install a WaterCop today!


Product Features

  • Can be installed at any stage of construction or easily retrofitted to existing plumbing.
  • NSF 61 rated valve and complies with Uniform Plumbing Code. (1¼"pending)

Technical Details

  • Available pipe sizes (in Inches): ½, ¾, 1 and 1 ¼
  • Warranty: 2 Years