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Truth Sentry II WLS Power Window System

SKU: TR435100005

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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –


Open & Close Your Window Or Light Skylight Automatically!

Automatically or remotely control your windows and light skylights with the Truth Sentry II WLS Power Window Motor System. A sleek design and quiet motor are engineered into this digitally motorized system. The Truth Sentry II WLS (window and light skylights) electric window opener system retrofits casement or awning windows formerly operated by Truth hand cranks. Individual power units drive existing window hardware so you'll have an easy, automatic system to control your windows and skylights. Now closing and locking will all be at the touch of a button.

A low profile design and quiet running motor are two of the exciting and powerful features engineered into this new motorized system. No special preparation is required by the window manufacturer, making the Sentry II Power System suitable for on-site installation on new and existing (retrofit) windows.

Building automation systems can be easily connected; the Truth Sentry II WLS electric window opener can be hooked up to a thermostat, an electric smoke detector, or even home control or security systems. Home Controls also offers the Sentry II WLS Power Window System.

Direct 110 VAC hookup

  • Easy to install
  • Eliminates the need to hide transformer and wiring

Remote control

  • Controls both window and skylight motors and powered blinds

Built-in thermostat (in remote)

  • Helps to maintain a comfortable environment inside the home
  • Allows for true "chimney effect" ventilation since both windows and skylights react to same remote

Built-in blind control

  • Eliminates the need for separate blind controls
  • Compatible with most 24 VDC blind systems

Rain sensor is standard for each unit

  • Protects the home from weather damage and allows each window to respond independently
  • Corrosion resistant sensor decreases maintenance and cleaning requirements and extends service life

Inputs for accessories

  • Compatible with home automation systems, smoke detectors, and security systems

Contemporary style wall control plate

  • Complements existing home decor

Synchronous motor option

  • Allows multiple motor installations for monumental skylights with lid weights up to 400 lbs.

System settings retained and protected

  • Memory is secure even in power outages

We've thought of everything for you. You don't have to keep your eye on the weather when the Truth Sentry II WLS electric window opener's built-in sensors do all the watching for you. Plus, your windows can be programmed to close and lock before security systems are activated.

Note: The Sentry power window system is intended to fit onto casement, awning and skylight hardware manufactured by Truth Hardware only.


  • Sentry II motor unit
  • Wall mounted control unit & cover plate
  • Installation hardware (mounting bracket for window, mounting bracket for skylight, push on fastener, isolation grommet, screws, screen interlock)
  • Rain sensor
  • Terminal block
  • Strain relief
  • Spline adapter and wrench
  • Installation instructions
  • (No wire is included. See wiring diagram on page 17 of the Installation Manual for wire requirements.)

Motorized cover is sold separately (TR12490xx).

Complete Window Automation From Truth Hardware

The built-in flexibility of the Sentry II electric window opener allows for a variety of motor control options. Low cost, wireless control, multiple control or complete automated control with the Truth's Sentry II Power System can be tailored to meet specific needs.


Product Features

  • Retrofits onto casement and awning windows (and light skylights) that are normally operated by a hand crank.
  • Power conversion built right into the wall mounted control package which accepts direct connection of 110 VAC power. No transformer is required.
  • Power protected memory eliminates the need to "reset" the motor after a power outage.
  • RF remote control compatibility is built in to the motor control package as a standard feature. Simply order the optional RF remote controller
  • A rain sensor is included with all window kits, thus allowing window closure at the first sign of moisture.
  • No special preparation required; the kits are suitable for new and retrofit applications.
  • Safety: Automatic motor reversal has been engineered into the system which is intended to reverse the motor should an obstruction stop the window while closing.
  • Capacity: When used on casement windows, the system is designed to work on all windows meeting industry standard load requirements. When used on awning windows, the operator must be installed with a properly sized counter-balance hinge.
  • Power: The Sentry II power window system motor is rated at 50 watts.
  • Motor dimensions (installed on the casement or awning window operator): 9.875" L x 2.5" H x 2.875" D.
  • Each power window system comes with the following: motorized operator, wall controller with built-in receptacle box, rain sensor and mounting hardware. Picture shown is with the optional white cover.
  • Receptacle box cut-out dimensions: 3.875" W x 4.125" H
  • Motorized operator cover is sold separately.: