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Letzgo Bobber Sump Pump Water Level Sensor


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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –


Detects & Warns Of Sump Pump Failures

This simple sump pump float switch monitors the water level in your sump pump and lets you know if the water level rises or falls. Connect this sump pump water level sensor to a warning device or alarm system for a low cost sump pump alarm. The switch can also be connected to relays and other devices to drive high current loads.

  • Monitors the water level in a sump pump well
  • Connect to a warning device or alarm system
  • Hose clamp allows easy level adjustment
  • Easily configured as a normally open or normally closed switch

Offering high reliability, the bobber’s sealed reed switch provides high isolation when pump wiring breaks down. The sump pump float switch operates even when totally submerged and its stainless steel hose clamp allows easy level adjustment. Its unique reversible float allows for an N.O. or N.C. switch circuit. It fits virtually all sizes and types of return pipes, and comes complete with a stainless steel hose clamp and 20 lead wire.


  • Sump Bobber
  • Hose Clamp
  • Lead Wire


  • UL listed
  • Made of non-corroding plastic materials
  • 1 Amp Max at 24 VDC
  • Recommended < 250mA
  • 24" lead wires (20 AWG)
  • Operating temperature not to exceed 90 degrees C


  • Mount float slightly above point where the water level activates the sump pump.
  • Connect electrical leads to the applicable circuit.
  • Use of a water-tight splice is recommended.
  • Test to insure proper operation.
  • To change circuit from N.C. to N.O., remove "C" clip, reverse float, reinstall "C" clip.
  • When connecting to an inductive load an arc suppression device should be put in parallel with the load to avoid damaging the switch.