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SkylinkHome On/Off Wall Switch


Usually ships in 3-5 days.


WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –


For Use With The SkylinkHome Wireless Control System

Replace your existing wall switch with the SkylinkHome On/Off Wall Switch to wirelessly turn your lights on and off with a SkylinkHome transmitter.This Wall Switch can communicate with up to 8 transmitters, so you can add more transmitters like remote controls or motion sensors to the system. All wireless signal communications within the System are based on rolling code technology to ensure the highest level of security.

Functions and Features

  • Replaces existing wall switch
  • No neutral wire is needed. Easy to install
  • Operates appliances: Heaters (up to 1000W), Lighting, Tungsten load (up to 600W), Ballast load (up to 500W)
  • Two modes for different applications: 1) ON/OFF 2) Countdown timer.
  • Up to 500 feet operating range in an open area. Long range, no problem.
  • Attractive built-in blue LED light

Rolling Code Technology

Every time you press your remote transmitter, a code is generated which is recognized by the receiver that in turn performs the desired function. With most systems, there is only one assigned code. Whenever the remote is pressed, it generates the same code, making it vulnerable to code grabbers who use electronic scanners to steal the code. With rolling code technology, each time the remote is used, it generates a different code which can only be recognized by a rolling code receiver. Even if an electronic scanner picks up the code, the next code will not be the same, and the receiver will not recognize the old code. As a result, systems with rolling code technology are increasingly safe and secure.


  • Wall Switch
  • Wire nuts
  • User's Instructions

IMPORTANT NOTE: Skylink products are not available to ship outside the U.S. Please contact Skylink directly for international orders.

SkylinkHome Wireless Control System

The SkylinkPad from Skylink Group is a wireless control system which allows the user to control almost anything electronic in the home, including lamps, garage doors, security systems, and coffee makers. The credit card size of the pad comes in six options and can have up to 14 buttons to control various household items.