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Skylink Wireless AAA+ ML-100 Home Smart Center


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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –


Comprehensive Security & Convenience

The Skylink Wireless AAA+ ML-100 Home Smart Center is a complete wireless system that functions as both a security system and a home automation center. As a security system, the Center monitors your premises and alerts you when sensors are triggered. As a home automation system, the Center provides remote operation of household appliances and lights, even when you are away from home. This full-featured system is expandable and can be easily customized to suit your personal needs.

  • Wall mount compact wireless security/automation system features four functions
  • User can call in to check system status
  • Works with up to 10 sensors, 5 control modules and 5 keychain remotes
  • System announcements by human voice in English, French, Spanish and German
  • Employs Skylink's rolling code technology

Four Home Smart Center Functions

  1. Alert: Notifies you of triggered sensor(s) by voice announcement and unique beeping and LED flashing.
  2. Alarm: The control panel calls preprogrammed emergency phone numbers, and the siren sounds when break-in occurs.
  3. Automation: The control panel turns on/off household appliances and lights even when you are away from home.
  4. Communicator: The built-in emergency dialer provides voice announcements and automatic digital dialing.

Event Trigger Automation

You can control up to five different devices either manually or automatically. When a sensor is triggered, the control panel transmits a signal to activate the designated control module.

Possible Applications:

  • Lights on when you open the front door (walking into a room, lights on automatically).
  • Lights off when you open a door (walk away from a room, turns lights off).

Rolling Code Technology

Every time you press your remote transmitter to turn the security system on or off, a code is generated which is recognized by the receiver that in turn performs the desired function. With most security systems, there is only one assigned code. Whenever the remote is pressed, it generates the same code, making it vulnerable to code grabbers who use electronic scanners to steal the code.

With rolling code technology, each time the remote is used, it generates a different code which can only be recognized by a rolling code receiver. Even if an electronic scanner picks up the code, the next code will not be the same, and the receiver will not recognize the old code. As a result, security systems with rolling code technology are increasingly safe and secure.

Kit Components

Control Panel

  • The control panel continuously monitors the system status and each sensor status. It monitors occurrences such as triggered sensors, low battery sensors, malfunction sensors, phone line failure, etc.
  • When a sensor is triggered, the control panel transmits a signal to activate the designated control module.
  • When the system enters panic mode, the control panel calls your preprogrammed phone numbers and announces its status in a digital human voice.
  • The Master Password can be used for programming, arming, disarming the system, and telephone access. The Secondary Password can be used for arming, disarming the system, and telephone access. The Duress Password is used when you are forcibly compelled to disarm the control panel. Entering the duress password will stop the siren from sounding but the control panel will silently call the emergency phone numbers for help.

Window/Door Sensor

  • Used to monitor doors or windows that open and close.
  • When doors/windows are open or closed, the sensors transmit a signal to the control panel to notify you.

Motion Sensor

  • Monitors an area for motion in a 110 degree arc and up to 40 feet away from the sensor.
  • Suitable for guarding a large area such as living room, family room, or bedroom.
  • Can also be used to monitor a small area such as a hallway or stairway

Keychain Remote

  • Arm, disarm or trigger the panic alarm with this remote.
  • Pressing the panic button causes the siren to sound, and outgoing calls are made to preprogrammed phone numbers.


  • ML-001 Control Panel
  • 4B-101 Keychain Remote
  • Two WD-101 Door/Window Sensors
  • PS-101 Motion Sensor
  • AC adapter, and all required DC batteries
  • Mounting materials and phone line

IMPORTANT NOTE: Skylink products are not available to ship outside the U.S. Please contact Skylink directly for international orders.

Live Securely & Comfortably With Skylink AAA+

AAA+ is a complete wireless system which not only functions as a security system, but also monitors your premises by giving you alert notifications when the system is not armed. It is also a home automation center, which allows you to remotely control household appliances and lights, even when you are away from home. It can be controlled by dialing from any touch-tone phone, which makes it even more convenient and powerful.


Product Features

  • 5 programmable and supervised zones.
  • Master, Second and Duress PIN available.
  • 5 programmable telephone numbers.
  • Build-in auto dialer with digital dialer function and Ademco contact ID.
  • Fault line monitoring.

Technical Details

  • Languages: English, Spanish, French, German
  • Power Supply:
    • Control Panel: AC adapter or 4 AAA alkaline backup batteries (included)
    • Transmitter: 12V alkaline battery, type 23A (included)
    • Motion Sensor: 9V alkaline battery (included)
    • Door/Window Sensor: 3V lithium battery (included)
  • Certifications: FCC, IC, CE, ETL