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  • Seco-Larm Enforcer Magnetic Contact, 3/8" Press Fit, 1" Gap

Seco-Larm Enforcer Magnetic Contact, 3/8" Press Fit, 1" Gap


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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –


White, 3/8 Inch, Press Fit, Normally Closed

Switch/magnet case with ribs for securing in holes. N.O. contact for N.C. circuits. Just perfect for snaking and splicing in the field.

Seco-Larm Magnetic Sensors

What you don't see is what you get! Anyone can boast about their magnetic contacts' quality. But look deep inside the magnetic contact, where human eyes seldom go, and see the quality offered only by SECO-LARM. Step inside, and see the world-wide patented reed switch with a unique deactivated rhodium plating. See the unique glue and epoxy combination. See the advanced engineering and detailed quality control. And understand how SECO-LARM can offer the most reliable contact available anywhere, especially at the lower voltage levels normally used in security systems.


Seco-Larm’s UL Listed magnetic contacts were tested under UL standard 634 specifically for Burglary Protection (Seco-Larm Test No. BP3821). Many competitors’ products are listed under the much less stringent Electrical Testing standards only.

  • Rating
    • Contact capacity: 10W (max.)
    • Switching voltage: 100VDC or 100VAC (max.)
    • Switching current: 300mA (DC) (max.)
    • Carry current: 800mA (max.)
  • Resistance
    • Contact (initial): 0.1 ohm (max.)
    • Wire leads: 0.3 ohm (max.)
  • Switch Cycles: 50 million (5VDC, 0.1mA)
  • Temperature: -15OF (-25OC) to 160OF (70OC)
  • Dielectic Strength: 200VAC
  • Breakdown Voltage: 200VDC between contacts
  • Operating Characteristics:
    • Operation time: 0.4 msec. (max.) (0.3 msec. for SM-209 and SM-266)
    • Bounce time: 0.4 msec. (max.) (0.5 msec. for SM-209 and SM-266)
    • Release time: 0.05 msec. (max.)
    • Resonant frequency: 3700Hz + 300Hz (2750Hz + 250Hz for SM-209 and SM-266)
    • Operating frequency: 500Hz (max.)
  • Environmental (Switch):
    • Shock: up to 30 gms for 11 msec.
    • Vibration: up to 20 gms at 10-55 Hz
    • Lead tensile strength: up to 4.4 lb. (2 kg.) static load
  • Material
    • Case: Weatherproof, high-impact ABS plastic
    • Reeds: Nickel/iron alloy base, gold under-plate, deactivated rhodium outer-plating
    • Magnets: Alnico 5 (except where noted)
    • Leads: #22AWG, 15" (38cm), copper alloy (where applicable)