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PCS SimpleWorx Fixture Module Transmitter


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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –


Mounts Inside Any Fixture Or Electrical Box

The Fixture Module Transmitter allows you to trigger one device when another is activated. Connect the transmitter, for example, to a motion sensor and a SimpleWorx receiver. When the motion sensor detects motion, the transmitter is activated and triggers the corresponding receiver. Perhaps your receiver is connected to a lamp. Therefore, the motion sensor would turn your lamp on when motion is detected.

  • Triggers a SimpleWorx receiver when activated
  • Connect any line-voltage device such as a switch, motion sensor, etc.
  • Easy 3-wire installation with 14 AWG wires

The transmitter is a wire-in module that provides a single line-voltage input trigger. This input can be connected to any line-voltage device such as a switch, motion sensor, photo sensor, etc. to trigger SimpleWorx receivers. The device can be mounted inside any fixture or electrical box.

About SimpleWorx

SimpleWorx is a revolutionary digital point to points control system that cost-effectively provides basic on/off lighting control. SimpleWorx is powered by SPC (Simple Powerline Communication), a rock solid proven technology that offers efficient solutions for remotely turning lights on and off. SPC provides super reliable one-way control of lights and appliances using existing 120V wiring, and offers significant benefits above older powerline technologies or traditional Wired and RF solutions.


  • Manufacturer Part #:
    • FMT-AC: 120V Input
    • FMT-CC: Closed Contact Input
  • Easy snap-in installation through 1/2" knockouts
  • Plenum rated