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PCS PulseWorx UPB Wired-In 3-Phase Repeater


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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –


Also Compatible With Other UPB Devices

The UPB Wired-In 3-Phase Repeater (a Leviton/HAI product) enables communication between UPB devices on a three-phase 120/208VAC delta-wye, 60Hz electrical system. The main purpose of the Three-Phase Repeater is to transfer UPB multi-packet messages transmitted on one phase (leg) of the electrical system and strongly repeating them on to the other phases (legs) to ensure proper communication. The Three-Phase Repeater is perfect for 3-phase environments including multi-dwelling units, apartments, condominiums and light commercial office and restaurant facilities.

  • Properly ensures communication on all three-phase 120/208VAC Delta-Wye 60Hz power
  • Bridge the communication gap between phases within multi-dwelling units, apartments, condominiums and light commercial office and restaurant facilities
  • Can connect to a standard 3 phase circuit breaker or 2 breakers of a single phase electrical system when only 2 of the 3 phases are present
  • Easily configured with UPStart software

UPB PulseWorx Lighting Control System

An integral part of a complete PulseWorx Lighting Control System, this device uses the patented UPB powerline communication technology (invented by PCS) to reliably communicate with any other UPB-compatible devices over the existing house electrical wires. No new wires are necessary, thus making PulseWorx perfect for retrofit situations. When initial configuration is complete, a single push of a button is all you need to activate any group of lights (or virtually anything else that connects to AC power wiring) throughout the house simultaneously.


  • Manufacturer Part #: TPR-120
  • Improved Communication: Automatic repetition of all multi-packet messaging transmissions across three-phase network
  • Adjustable Receive Sensitivity: If powerline noise is severe the sensitivity can be adjusted from LOW to HIGH to enable the TPR to filter out most noise to ensure proper communication
  • Simple Installation: Installs in standard 3-gang junction box or suitable enclosure near main electrical panel
  • Feedback: Blue/red status LED for each phase of the powerline
  • Perfect For Retrofit: Transmits signals over existing power wiring so there is no need for expensive hard wiring.
  • UPStart Configurable: Use UPStart to add TPR to the network, perform communication tests, print reports and adjust sensitivity


UPStart UPB Software

This Windows-based application, along with a UPB Powerline Interface Module (PIM), allows you to program, configure and test your UPB smart home automation system. »Free download here