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PCS PulseWorx UPB Powerline Interface Powerpack


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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –


Addressable Powerline Interface Module

The Powerline Interface Powerpack (PIP) is an addressable powerline interface module and a power supply all in one unit. It is designed to provide both the 12VDC power and the UPB communication capabilities for the TouchScreen Timer (TSTD or TSTW) to control lights, appliances, and set heating/air conditioning systems remotely over the existing powerline.

PCS is the leading developer of Universal Powerline Bus UPB technology. The PIP-TS incorporates the very latest Gen II advancements, PowerPulse, a dual-transmitter circuit which allows every transmission signal to have 50% or more power to even further improve communication reliability.


Although specifically designed for use with the PulseWorx TouchScreen Timer (TST), the PIP can also be used by developers of software or hardware-based automation controllers, as the standard UPB powerline interface device and power supply. This will allow any other device that has an RS-232 serial port and meets similar power requirements to be UPB compliant.

The PIP has an output of 12VDC unregulated at 500mA maximum. It operates at 4800 baud and communicates the exact same simple ASCII-based command/report protocol found in the Message Mode of our PIM-R Powerline Interface Module. This enables a simple solution for developers to become a PulseWorx Partner and create UPB Enabled devices without having to become a Licensee or embed a chip and bring high voltage into their device.

Easy To Install & Configure

The PIP is simple to install – just plug it in to any wall outlet and connect a CAT-5 cable (up to 50' long) between it and the TouchScreen Timer.

UPStart Setup software will allow the PIP to be added to any UPB network as well as perform communication testing or adjust its receive sensitivity in noisy environments.

UPB PulseWorx Lighting Control System

An integral part of a complete PulseWorx Lighting Control System, this device uses the patented UPB powerline communication technology (invented by PCS) to reliably communicate with any other UPB-compatible devices over the existing house electrical wires. No new wires are necessary, thus making PulseWorx perfect for retrofit situations. When initial configuration is complete, a single push of a button is all you need to activate any group of lights (or virtually anything else that connects to AC power wiring) throughout the house simultaneously.


  • Manufacturer Part #: PIP
  • Addressable Interface: Provides Unit ID for any controller in UPStart
  • Developer Friendly: UPB communication interface and 12VDC in one unit
  • Improved Communication: PowerPulse Dual-Transmitter circuitry 50% more transmitting power
  • Simple Installation: Just plug into an electrical outlet
  • Feedback: True two-way UPB communication to touchscreen or processor
  • Adjustable Receive Sensitivity: If powerline noise is severe the sensitivity can be adjusted to filter out most noise
  • LED Power Indicator: LED used for night-light, programming and powerline signal monitoring
  • Perfect For Retrofit: Transmits signals over existing power wiring so there is no need for expensive hard wiring.
  • UPStart Configurable: Use UPStart to add PIP-TS or PIM-A to the network, perform communication tests and adjust sensitivity.

UPStart UPB Software

This Windows-based application, along with a UPB Powerline Interface Module (PIM), allows you to program, configure and test your UPB smart home automation system. »Free download here