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PCS PulseWorx UPB Dimmer Wall Switch, 8 Button


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$177.22 to $197.95

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –


Features Keypad Backlighting & Blue Lighted Oval Buttons

The Pulseworx Keypad Load Dimmer is an all-in-one Keypad Controller and Light Dimmer in a single package. This controller incorporates the functionality of the PCS KPC Keypad Controllers and a 350W Dimmer Switch.

The KPLD can transmit and receive UPB digital commands over the existing electrical wiring to remotely turn on, off, and dim its own lighting load as well as trigger dramatic scenes through out a home.

The Keypad Load Dimmer is capable of being a member of up to 16 links or scenes. Scenes allow you to control a single light or multiple lights with one button. Program each button to trigger a different scene, control specific lights or your whole house. Lights will ramp to a desired brightness level at a rate from .8 seconds to 1 hour. Certain lights can dim slowly while others turn off instantly, all controlled with a press of a button.

The dimmer portion is pre-programmed with 7 preset scenes with a light level to create inviting moods right out of the box. The Dimmer controls incandescent lights, low-voltage halogen, magnetic or dimmable electronic transformers. There is also the capability to set the KPLD to a non-dimming mode in order to control such loads as fluorescent lights.

Each Keypad is also a high quality and versatile UPB transmitter packed full of features. It is able to transmit messages (including its current light level) when keypad presses occur, which are configured using UPStart Setup Software. Each controller will monitor and control six different devices or scenes and you'll be able to see the status of each by looking at the built-in LEDs.

Programming the pushbuttons will allow different UPB commands for each of four events: single-tap, double-tap, hold and release. The operation of the LEDs can also be configured to extinguish other LEDs when it is illuminated to minimize confusion about which scene is activated. Furthermore each LED can illuminate when an On-type command is transmitted or received and it can extinguish when an Off-type command is transmitted or received or vice versa.

The 8-button has eight horizontal pushbuttons.

NOTE: Wallplate not included.

UPB PulseWorx Lighting Control System

An integral part of a complete PulseWorx Lighting Control System, this device uses the patented UPB powerline communication technology (invented by PCS) to reliably communicate with any other UPB-compatible devices over the existing house electrical wires. No new wires are necessary, thus making PulseWorx perfect for retrofit situations. When initial configuration is complete, a single push of a button is all you need to activate any group of lights (or virtually anything else that connects to AC power wiring) throughout the house simultaneously.


  • Manufacturer Part #: KPLD-8
    • KPLD-8-A (Almond)
    • KPLD-8-B (Black)
    • KPLD-8-BR (Brown)
    • KPLD-8-G (Gray)
    • KPLD-8-I (Ivory)
    • KPLD-8-LT (Light Almond)
    • KPLD-8-W (White)
  • Programmable Button Modes Each pushbutton can be programmed to control any of over 250 scenes or devices. Different control commands can be configured for the single-tap, double-tap, hold and release events.
  • Scene Control Pushbuttons can be used to activate it's load or scene as well as to adjust the scene's stored light levels.
  • Load Control The 350W rating can be configured to act as a dimmer or switch.
  • Programmable LED Feedback LEDs illuminate when On-type commands are both transmitted or received. LEDs extinguish when Off-type commands are both transmitted or received. Commands can illuminate and extinguish all other LEDs also.
  • Keypad Backlighting Pushbuttons can be faintly lit to aid in finding the keypad in the dark.
  • Aesthetic Design The Blue lighted oval buttons are worthy of high-end installations.
  • Customized Button Labels Custom engraved labeling of horizontal pushbuttons is available for a minimal charge.
  • Easy Installation Color-coded white (Neutral), black (Hot), red (Load) leads are provided for direct connection to AC wires. Easily fits into a standard wall box.
  • Timed-Auto-Shut-off Program the light to turn off from 1 to 240 minutes after it is turned on; Transmit upon expiration; double-tap override.
  • Low Cost Home Automation UPB based products are a fraction of the expense of hard wired and RF products.
  • Advanced Programming Using UPStart Setup Software allows customized pushbutton transmissions, LED feedback and many other features.


UPStart UPB Software

This Windows-based application, along with a UPB Powerline Interface Module (PIM), allows you to program, configure and test your UPB smart home automation system. »Free download here