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NuTone Central Vacuum Carpet & Bare Floor Combination Electric Set


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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –


Deluxe Set of Motorized Vacuum Tools

Clean your entire home, from the floors to your draperies and furniture, with the NuTone Central Vacuum Carpet & Bare Floor Combination Electric Set. Perfect for those who prefer powered accessories, this set comes with a wide variety of central vacuum attachments that deliver maximum power without the need for electrified inlets. A 6-foot pigtail electric cord is included for plugging into a standard 120VAC power outlet.

Kit Components

  • Current-Carrying Crushproof Hose: Plug the 30-foot hose into a standard inlet for the reach you need to quickly vacuum your home. The lightweight hose features a gas pump style swivel handle for comfortable use, and a 3-position on-off switch that controls both the power unit and a motorized power brush (if connected). And thanks to the hose’s crush-proof construction, you can step on it or slam a door on it and the hose will spring back to its original shape.
  • Adjustable Ratcheting Wand: This versatile one-piece ratcheting wand fully extends from 22" to 39" (at 1" intervals) to help you reach high ceilings, draperies, cabinets, etc. All other attachment tools can fit onto the wand.
  • Current-Carrying Adjustable Ratcheting Wand: Perfect for use with the included Power Brush, this powered ratcheting wand is just like the standard wand with the added ability to power motorized accessories. The one-piece wand fully extends from 22" to 39" (at 1" intervals) to help you reach high spaces.
  • Deluxe Electric Power Brush: A motorized roller bar with nylon brushes and 4-position height adjustments lets you choose the proper cleaning action for different carpets. Built-in full-width LED lighting maximizes cleaning visibility.
  • Premium Twist & Turn Floor Brush: With soft natural bristles, this brush cleans hard floors without scratching them or leaving streaks. It features a 13-inch wide swivel head for edge-to-edge cleaning and superior maneuverability.
  • Natural Hair Dusting Brush: Dust sensitive surfaces with long, naturally soft bristles to avoid leaving streaks or scratches.
  • Upholstery Tool: Deep clean your furniture with the convertible upholstery attachment. The tool has a slide-on/slide-off brush with natural bristles, so you can quickly switch between scrubbing and suctioning up the debris.
  • Long Crevice Tool: The narrow, 13-inch long crevice tool lets you vacuum in tight spaces. Its clipped end ensures continuous airflow at any angle.

All the attachments can be stored in the included tote bag, while the hose and wand can be stored on the two included wall-mount hangers. The metal hose hanger is strong enough to hold both the hose and the tote bag. Also included is a hose sock to protect the hose during long-term storage.

Kit Includes

  • Current-Carrying Crushproof Hose, 30-foot (CH515)
  • Adjustable Ratcheting Wand (CK135)
  • Current-Carrying Adjustable Ratcheting Wand (CT175)
  • Deluxe Electric Power Brush (CT700)
  • Premium Twist & Turn Floor Brush (CT158)
  • Natural Hair Dusting Brush (CT105)
  • Upholstery Tool (CT106G)
  • Long Crevice Tool, 13" (CT110)
  • Hose Sock (CA130)
  • Hose Hanger
  • Wand Hanger
  • Storage Bag
  • Pigtail Electric Cord, 6-foot

Today’s Most Efficient Way To Clean!

With their powerful motors, NuTone built-in central vacuum systems pull dust, dirt and allergens from the living environment more effectively than portable vacuums, trapping them within the filtration system of the power unit, away from the living environment. The central vacuum system can also be used more effectively to "power dust" furniture and living space by removing the dust from the living areas rather than just moving it around. And unlike conventional vacuum cleaners, a NuTone central vacuum system is a long-lasting built-in convenience that actually adds value to your home.


  • MPN: CS500
  • Hose Length: 30 feet
  • Hose Diameter: 1.25 inches