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Linear 2-Way Audio & Remote Command Module with Voice Prompts


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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –


With Voice Prompts

The VB-2 2-way Audio and Remote Command Module with Voice Prompts is designed as an add-on accessory for the DVS-1200, DVS-2400, and DUAL-824 Security Systems. Each module plugs directly into the unit’s circuit board. The modules provide voice prompts for operating the system and voice feedback for remote command of the system through a pushbutton telephone. The VB-2 module features 2-way audio and audio listen-only capabilities for Central Station monitoring.

The digitally synthesized human voice produced by the module annunciates important system information through the Console’s speaker or through a remote speaker and is pre-programmed with a multi-word vocabulary. Each time the system’s mode is changed, the voice module will sound the status of the Console and its sensors. The volume control adjusts the voice level.

With the Console connected to a telephone line, local or off-site telephone sets can be used to control and interrogate the DVS-2400 or DUAL-824. To gain access to the system, the user first enters their user code. The module’s voice will then prompt the user to press various telephone buttons to control the system. The DVS-1200 can be accessed only from off-site telephones.

The VB-2 module supports 2-way audio communications with the Central Station. The small microphone supplied fits into the Console’s case. The microphone’s high-gain amplifier allows the Central Station to monitor the sounds in the installation. The Central Station operator can control the direction of the 2-way communications using a pushbutton telephone. In 2-way mode, the operator can talk back to the subscriber through the Console’s speaker or a remote speaker.

Security Products, Access Control & More By Linear

For more than forty years Linear LLC has been known as a worldwide provider of radio based transmitters and receivers for the traditional security market. Millions of Linear transmitters have been sold over the years. Linear security products are offered via a worldwide network of distribution. While Linear continues to be a leading supplier of devices for the security market, we have expanded our product lines to include focused product lines in the Access Control, Remote Control and Garage Door Operator markets.


  • Controls DVS-1200, DVS-2400 and DUAL-824 system remotely
  • Controls DVS-2400 and DUAL-824 system locally
  • Digitally synthesized voice sounds system prompts
  • Adjustable volume
  • 2-way audio with the central station
  • Remote speaker and microphone supported
  • 5.25" W x 2.2" H x .5" D
  • Linear Part #: AAE00365