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Inovonics Glassbreak Detector Transmitter


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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –


DEALER ONLY ITEM: Not Available Directly to End Users.

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Self-Monitoring Detector Protects You Around The Clock

Stay safe and alerted to intrusions with the Glassbreak Detector Transmitter, an acoustic sensor that lets you know when windows are broken by transmitting digital messages to your Inovonics wireless receivers. GE Interlogix's ShatterPro II pattern recognition technology increases immunity to false alarms and extends detection range with a 25 foot radius and 360 degree coverage. Designed for proven performance and reliability, the detector is self-monitoring, alerting you when maintenance is needed to keep you safe without hassle.

  • Automatic supervision of radio link
  • 25 foot range from sensor to window
  • Recognizes the actual pattern of glass breaking across the full audio band
  • Glass Types Detected (up to ¼"):
    • Plate glass
    • Tempered glass
    • Wired glass
    • Laminated glass


  • Glassbreak detector transmitter
  • Installation screws and anchors
  • Battery

Inovonics Wireless: Developed For Commercial Applications

The Inovonics Commercial Mesh Network has been specifically developed for commercial applications to provide the most cost-effective solution for a wide range of applications, while setting new standards for performance and reliability in a wireless sensor network.

Reliability: Inovonics EchoStream 900MHz radio utilizes a unique frequency hopping, spread spectrum technology to meet the demands of an increasingly cluttered wireless world.

Flexibility: The flexibility of wireless is a necessity in today's dynamic commercial environments. The self-configuring EchoStream Commercial Mesh Network allows you to adapt to changing floor plans and requirements in a matter of minutes. New sensors can be added to the network as fast as they can be mounted.

Scalability: The EchoStream Commercial Mesh Network's backbone of intelligent repeaters can extend coverage to thousands of sensors across entire commercial campuses.


  • Dimensions: 108 x 80 x 43mm (4.2 x 3.1 x 1.7")
  • Typical battery life: 2 years
  • Battery (BAT604): 3.0V lithium Panasonic CR123A or approved equivalent
  • Operating environment: -20 to 60 degrees C (-4 to 140 degrees F), noncondensing
  • Platform: EchoStream
  • RF frequency range:
    • 868 - 870 MHz Europe
    • 902 - 928 MHz North America
    • 915 - 928 MHz Australia
    • 922 - 928 MHz New Zealand
  • Microphone: Omnidirectional Electret
  • Glass should have the following dimensions:
    • Height and Weight: 0.3 m x 0.6 m (1 x 2 feet) or larger
    • Plate thickness: 2.4 mm to 6.4 mm (3/32" to ¼")
    • Tempered thickness: 3.2 mm to 6.4 mm (1/8" to ¼")
    • Wired thickness: 6.4 mm (¼")
    • Laminated thickness: 3.2 mm to 6.4 mm (1/8" to ¼")