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Cool Components Universal Transformer


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$20.10 to $25.90

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –


Control Fan Speed For Cool Components Units

The Universal Transformer provides manual speed control for Cool Components products. When used to power a cooling or ventilation unit, this power supply's varied voltage options allow you to increase or decrease fan speed. Set it to 12V for aggressive operation, or lower it between 7V and 9V for quieter operation.

The DC end of the power supply utilizes a 2-pin female receptacle on the end of a 4-foot cord. The receptacle plugs directly into most Cooling Components products. The power supply comes with several plugs. The correct plug will fit snugly into the DC jack on the fan product.

NOTE: Some metal cooling units require a 2.1mm Coax plug to connect with the transformer.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Cool Components products are not available to ship outside the U.S.

Cool Components Ventilation Products

Ventilation products help protect entire systems by dispersing the accumulation of heat generated by systems as a whole. Cooling products should be used within the system to cool and protect individual components. By using both Cooling and Ventilation Products, systems are fully protected from the heat generated by and accumulated by components.


Hot Power Supply: Power supplies do get warm in normal applications, however, if the unit gets too hot, you should unplug it and get a larger power supply (more milliamps) as the power supply may be overloaded.

Testing the Unit: These units, when not under load, will read between 14 and 18V DC on a voltmeter. This is a normal and expected reading no matter the voltage selected on the power supply.