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Cool Components Universal Cooler System


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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –


For Spot Cooling Or Venting Racks, Entertainment Centers & More!

The Cool Components Universal Cooler System is a very aggressive and universal cooling and venting unit. This 19 inch unit can be used as a spot cooler or for various rack applications as it allows for advanced and unique applications. It features six top-quality fans that are mounted using special mounting hardware which eliminates noise caused by normal fan vibrations. The unit operates on DC voltage and by adjusting the voltage, the unit can be run silent or more aggressively depending on the application. The fans can also be reversed and the unit oriented to blow air upward or downward. This unit is ideal for a variety of applications including rack mounting, mounting inside cabinets, behind recessed TVs, etc.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Cool Components products are not available to ship outside the U.S.

Cool Components Cooling Products

Cooling products are the first line of defense against heat generated by today's audio video components. The cooling products are simply placed on components to circulate air around individual components and are recommended for heat-producing components such as home theater amplifiers, receivers, high-definition cable and satellite receivers, some DVD players and other computer controlled components such as video processors and game boxes.


  • Professionally Engineered To Quietly and Aggressively Cool in a Variety of Applications
  • Universal Applications: Rack Mount, Install in Cabinets, Behind Recessed TVs, etc.
  • Very Compact: Less the 2" in Height and Only 1 Rack Unit (1RU)
  • Specialty Fans: Six Specially Manufactured 50mm Levitation Fans (Brushless and Vapo Bearings) for Longer Life
  • Fans Mounted Using Specialty Mounting System to Absorb Fan Vibration for Quieter Operation
  • Fans Easily Reversible for Directing Air Up or Down Depending on the Application
  • Uses Variable Voltage Power Supply to Adjust Fan Speed and is Compatible with the Basic On/Off Controller (TC-BSC) and the Advanced Temperature Controller (TC-ALT)
  • Various Mounting and Airflow Direction Options

General Specifications

  • Dimensions: W - 19" x H - 1.7" x D - 3.4"
  • Construction: Heavy Gauge Steel (Painted Black)
  • Cooling System: 6 Brushless 50mm Levitation Fans w/Specialty Bearing (Est. 50,000hr)
  • Air Flow: ~35W-CFM to 66M-CFM
  • Noise: Dependent on Settings (Can be run quietly)

Power Specifications

  • Includes PS-300 Power Supply
  • Power Connection: 2-Pin FastWire Power System (Ensure Proper Polarity - Tip to +)
  • Voltage: 7 to 12V DC
  • Current: 400mA @ 12V DC