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Cool Components Basic Temperature Controller


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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –


Automate Your Cooling & Venting Units

Set up your Cool Components cooling and venting units to automatically turn on and off with the Basic Temperature Controller. This easy-to-use controller comes with a preset point of either 80°F (27°C) or 88°F (32°C). When the surrounding temperature reaches the Controller's set point, your cooling unit automatically turns on to keep your equipment from overheating. When the area cools down, the fan turns off.

  • On/Off fan control based on temperature
  • Compatible with all cooling and venting products
  • Perfect for cabinets, enclosures, or rooms
  • Available Set Points: 80°F or 88°F

Choosing the Right Set Point

  • 80° Controller: For rooms or closets. The ambient temperature is generally lower than cabinets and enclosures.
  • 88° Controller: For cabinets, enclosures or racks. Cabinets and enclosures can easily reach 80° or more. Using the 80° controller is not appropriate in a small enclosure since this may cause the fans to never turn off.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Cool Components products are not available to ship outside the U.S.

Cool Components Ventilation Products

Ventilation products help protect entire systems by dispersing the accumulation of heat generated by systems as a whole. Cooling products should be used within the system to cool and protect individual components. By using both Cooling and Ventilation Products, systems are fully protected from the heat generated by and accumulated by components.


  • Manufacturer Part #: TC-BSC
  • Dimensions (Sensor): 2(L) x 1/4(D) inches (50 x 7mm)
  • Temperature Set Point:
    • TC-BSC-80: 80°F (27°C), ±2°
    • TC-BSC-88: 88°F (32°C), ±2°
  • Compatibility: All Cool Components Products

Power Specifications:

  • Connection: 2-Pin FastWire Power System
  • Voltage: 5-12V DC