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BlueSpray Smart Sprinkler Controller with Ethernet & USB


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$232.95 to $325.95

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –


Smart Irrigation Controller with Wi-Fi & Ethernet

Upgraded from the original model, this revamped BlueSpray wireless irrigation controller offers additional more robust capabilities, including the option to expand the system up to 64 zones (formerly limited to 24) and to connect a flow sensor. This improved smart sprinkler system controller even comes with the optional BlueSpray garage door controller, so you don't have to purchase it separately (door sensor not included).

  • Control sprinklers from anywhere you have Internet access
  • Connects to Internet via Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or cellular USB dongle
  • Create custom watering schedules for each season
  • Automatically adjust watering for rain or cold weather
  • Can integrate into a smart home automation system
  • Supports optional sensors and expansion up to 64 zones
  • Works with any standard sprinkler system

Designed for use with any standard irrigation system, BlueSpray can either replace your existing wireless irrigation controller or be used as a new controller. Your sprinkler wires connect to the BlueSpray smart sprinkler system controller, which mounts on a wall with screws.

Setting Up the Interface

When you first log into your BlueSpray account, you will be able to set up the user interface to match your home's sprinkler system. The interface includes selectable illustrations of home properties with lawns. Choose the illustration that best matches your property, or upload your own photo (from Google Earth/Maps), then drag and drop sprinkler head icons onto the illustration/photo to indicate where sprinklers are located in your yard.

Sprinklers are grouped into zones by the wireless irrigation controller. You may include only one sprinkler in each zone, or group multiple sprinklers into one zone for quick control over an entire group. Zones can be named for easy recognition.

Controlling the Sprinkler System

Once your sprinkler system is setup in the user interface, you can take advantage of a wide variety of settings that let you customize the system.

  • Select individual zones and set the length of watering time for each
  • Turn zones on/off
  • Set watering run times based on seasons (dates)
  • Schedule daily watering with start times and run times
  • Set sprinklers to run on even/odd days, weekdays, every "X" number of days, etc.
  • Program the system to adjust watering based on weather

The smart sprinkler system controller features a built-in weather program that allows you to choose how your sprinkler system operates under certain weather conditions. The wireless irrigation controller draws current weather data and forecasts from the National Weather Service (NOAA), and uses that information to adjust watering schedules. For example, you can program the system not to water if there is a 50% chance of rain and the temperature is less than 50 degrees F. Wind speed and extended rain forecasts can also be used as determining factors.

Expandable Functionality

Designed to support large sprinkler systems as well as smaller setups, the upgraded BlueSpray smart sprinkler system controller features an expansion port where you can connect an expansion module (sold separately) to add eight, 16, or 24 more zones. One BlueSpray system can support up to 64 zones total.

Also, in addition to operating according to BlueSpray's programmable settings, your sprinkler system can be controlled according to data from external devices, such as a rain sensor or temperature sensor. The wireless irrigation controller can even integrate into a home automation system.

And finally, the upgraded BlueSpray model includes a garage door controller that allows the main controller to open and close your garage door in conjunction with your existing garage door opener (door sensor not included). This is especially useful if your sprinklers shoot water toward your garage and you need to make sure your property does not get wet during watering. (The door controller can be used with any single motorized door).


  • BlueSpray Irrigation Controller
  • Garage Door Controller
  • Power Transformer
  • Mounting Screws

NOTE: Requires Internet service, plus a wireless router or an Ethernet cable or a USB cellular dongle (not included). For indoor use only.

Irrigation Control Enters The 21st Century

BlueSpray is the premier product offering from Avidz LLC, a technology development company based in Austin, TX. Avidz was founded with a vision to leverage advanced computing technologies for the irrigation industry. And so, BlueSpray was born as an easy-to-use smart sprinkler system controller enhanced by the power of cloud computing.


  • Manufacturer Part #: BSC024i-UE / BSC08i-UE / BSC016i-UE
  • Input: 24V AC 1A transformer (included)
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi 802.11 bgn; Ethernet (with Ethernet/USB model); Cellular modem (with Ethernet/USB model)
  • Expansion Port: Extends up to 64 zones; accepts Flow Sensor Reader
  • Compatible Operating Systems: Any OS with an HTML5 web browser
  • Firmware: Version 2.0
  • API: REST API available
  • Environmental Conditions: Indoor mount enclosure
  • Certifications: FCC
  • Warranty: 1-Year Limited

Firmware 2.0 Enhancements:

  • Static IP address settings: Option to assign a fixed IP address instead of DHCP.
  • Delay between zones: Pause between zone runs; Ideal for well water pumping applications.
  • Delay after rain: Automatically delay irrigation for X number of days after a rain sensor is tripped; Perfect for adhering to California water restrictions.
  • Flow sensor support: If you have a flow sensor installed, purchase a BlueSpray Flow Sensor Reader to provide live flow reporting, leak detection with automatic shutoff.
  • Countdown timer: Shows how much time is left in a run for each zone.
  • Detailed system log and improved history chart: Logs every event and stores records for up to one year. Water history report now shows how much water has been used alongside with how long watering lasted.
  • Faster API: Improved API speed for faster webpage loading.