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Bellman & Symfon Visit Vibrating Pager Receiver


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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –


Move Freely Around Your Home

The Bellman Visit Vibrating Pager Receiver is small enough to carry by pocket or belt-clip. Designed for those with hearing and/or vision loss, the wireless device provides distinct alerts for different Bellman Visit transmitters. The receiver generates powerful visual and vibrating alerts wherever you go in your home, allowing you to move freely and still be reached by your Bellman Visit System.

IMPORTANT Note: Bellman & Symfon products are not available to ship outside the U.S. Please contact Bellman & Symfon directly for international orders.

  • Provides visual and vibrating alerts when activated by a Bellman Visit transmitter
  • Works with the Bellman Visit System to alert anyone with hearing/vision loss
  • Flashes different colors for different transmitters
  • 30-second alarm snooze

Multi-Colored LED Flashes

  • Orange LED indicates a normal Baby-Cry Transmitter.
  • Green LED indicates a normal Door Transmitter.
  • Yellow LED indicates a Telephone Transmitter.
  • Red LED indicates a Smoke Alarm Transmitter.

To increase flexibility, different transmitters can be used to indicate different things. For example, you may have two Door transmitters or Telephone transmitters, which are indicated in a variety of ways, and you can mark this using the additional label enclosed.

NOTE: When using rechargeable NiMh-batteries, the receiver can also be connected to the Bellman Visit Charger (sold separately).


  • Pager Receiver with Clip
  • (1) AAA Battery
  • Safety Cord
  • Label

IMPORTANT NOTE: Bellman & Symfon products are not available to ship outside the U.S. Please contact Bellman & Symfon directly for international orders.

The Bellman Visit System By Bellman & Symfon

Bellman Visit is a cordless detection system that helps those with hearing loss detect important signals and alarms. The system was developed to catch your attention and warn people of events in their natural environments. You can easily notice your doorbell, telephone, crying baby, etc. With Bellman Visit, life is safer, more flexible, and more free.


Power Supply

  • Battery: 1.5 V AAA Alkaline or 1.2 V AAA NiMh.
  • Operating time:
    • Alkaline: Approximately 30 days
    • NiMh: Approximately 10 days once fully charged
  • Power consumption:
    • Active: Approximately 240 mA
    • Idle position: Approximately 1 mA
  • Charging: NiMh batteries can be charged using the BE1260 Bellman & Symfon Visit Charger (sold separately). Charging time is then up to 8 hours.

Radio Function

  • Radio frequency: 433.92 MHz
  • Number of channels: 64 logical channels
  • Coverage: The normal coverage between a transmitter and receiver in the Bellman & Symfon Visit System is approximately 100 feet (80 m) with a clear line of sight. Coverage is reduced if walls and large objects screen off the signal. Any thick walls constructed of reinforced concrete will greatly affect coverage.

Additional Information

  • Activation: Via radio, Bellman & Symfon Visit System
  • Output Signals: Built-in vibrator, LEDs
  • Dimensions: 57(W) x 86(H) x 29(D) mm
  • Weight:
    • With battery: 70 grams
    • Without battery: 55 grams
  • Color: Grey with red test button
  • For indoor use only