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2GIG Stove & Grill Guard Sensor


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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –


Never Worry About Leaving the Stove On

The 2GIG Stove & Grill Guard Sensor is the first of its kind, a sensor designed to include cooking safety into your home security system. This On/Off contact sensor sends alerts to your security panel when your stove or grill is turned On, eliminating any worry about accidentally leaving the stove on. With an optional account, you can receive remote email and text alerts as timers and reminders to turn off an active stove.

  • Notifies panel when knob on stove/grill is turned at least 20 degrees from the default "off" position
  • Sends remote email/text notifications (enabled through account)
  • Water-resistant: Weather sealed sensor disk adheres to surface of stove/grill, IP65 rated
  • Includes multiple magnet sleeves to fit majority of stoves and grills
  • Embedded battery life provides 5 years of life expectancy

The Stove & Grill Guard Sensor is compatible with the following automation and security panels:

  • 2GIG Security & Automation panels:
    • GC2 (Firmware version or higher)
    • GC3 (Firmware version 3.02 or higher)
    • Vario (Firmware version 5.57 or higher)
  • Honeywell Vista Panels
    • 15P, 20P, 50P, 10SE, 20SE tested

Optionally connect the Stove & Grill Guard Sensor to an account associated with your security panel to receive remote notifications, name devices, and adjust notification delay interval settings.

How it Works

The Stove and Grill Guard Sensor uses sensitive alarm circuit technology to detect the orientation and degree turns of grill and stove knobs. The Sensor is composed of 2 parts: the sensor disk with inner marks designating the default position, and a sleeve with embedded magnets.

When the magnets rotate far enough away from the "default" position of the sensor disc designated by the inner marks, the sensor will send a signal to a connected alarm panel indicating the status of the knob. You can set up a delay notification to remind yourself to turn off the monitored burner for exact cooking times or to ensure the stove or grill is not left on.

Installation Details

The Stove & Grill Sensor is installed underneath the knobs of your stove or grill. Remove the knob and slide on the sleeve and magnet, and finally place the sensor disc on the knob stem. Reinstall the knob and connect the sensor to a compatible control panel.


  • Sensor Disc
  • Sleeves with Magnets


The Stove & Grill Sensor does not turn off stoves/grills on its own. It sends notifications only. The sensor fits best on to select stove and grill knobs with the following specifications:

  • Knob diameter measures at 2 inches or greater.
  • Surface area underneath knob measures up to the radius of 1.25 inches from the knob stem.
  • Length of knob stem is long enough to accommodate both the sleeve and the knob.
  • The inner knob shaft that connects with the knob stem does not protrude beyond the base lip of the knob.

Innovation Drives 2GIG Technology

Now under Nortek's family of Linear products, 2GIG offers intuitive and creative home technology with its premier self-contained, all-in-one security and home automation systems. 2GIG's Go!Control system has become a leading control hub for Z-Wave wireless systems, while 2GIG's Vario Hybrid Security System supports both hardwired and wireless security peripherals to fulfill any security and automation need. With 2GIG in control, users experience technology they never thought possible.


  • Manufacturer Part #: 2GIG-STVGRL1-345
  • Dimensions: 2.2" (Dia), 0.21" (Depth)
  • Battery Life: Up to 5 years
  • Transmission Range: 100 feet open-air
  • Transmission Frequency: 345 MHz
  • Operating Temperature: 14 to 167 degrees F (-10 to 75 degrees C)
  • System Requirements:
    • 2GIG Security & Automation Panels:
      • GC2 (Firmware version or higher)
      • GC3 (Firmware version 3.02 or higher)
      • Vario ( Firmware version 5.57 or higher)
    • Honeywell Vista Panels:
      • 15P, 20P, 50P, 10SE, 20SE
  • Warranty: 1-Year Limited