Central Vacuum Systems

With the right technology, cleaning your home can be easier, faster, and more efficient. A basic central vacuum system includes the central vacuum (a motorized pump and canister) that is hidden out of sight, plus wall and floor outlets installed at convenient locations throughout your home. Special pipes and fittings travel through the walls of your house, connecting the vacuum to the outlets. With this system, all you carry around is the hose and brush.

More Power

Central vacuums are more powerful than upright and canister systems, with motors to fit any size home.

Better Filtration

By exhausting the dirt and dust outside of your home, central vacuums provide you the cleanest indoor air.


With the central vacuum power unit mounted in the basement, garage or utility area, the noise is away from your living area.


The lightweight hose is all you have to carry upstairs or from room to room. No heavy vacuum to lug around.

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